MRS Training Collaboration

In a special collaboration with the MRS (Market Research Society), BHBIA members can register for MRS training courses at MRS member rates (a 30% discount). The MRS provides a comprehensive range of courses that complements the BHBIA programme.

You can view all the MRS courses here

To book, simply complete the online booking form for the relevant course, entering the Promotional Code - BHBIA2024 - in the 'How did you hear about the event?/promotional code' box. (Please be prepared to provide verification of your full BHBIA membership on request).

This is a reciprocal arrangement – MRS members can register for 2024 BHBIA training courses at BHBIA member rates by quoting discount code MRS2024 (verification of MRS membership will be required).

Additionally the BHBIA are officially accredited as part of the MRS Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme. This means that MRS members can use BHBIA events as a pathway to log CPD hours and work towards upgrading their MRS membership status. You can see details of the CPD arrangement here.