Previous Winners

2022 Winner

Yuliya Fontanetti, Lumanity

Yuliya was nominated as "Yuliya is a great asset to the Ethics & Compliance Committee. She has a genuine passion for compliance that shines through and helps engage others with the topic. Yuliya is always willing to volunteer for initiatives and give her time for the benefit of BHBIA members, alongside managing her demanding day job."

Yuliya is Deputy Chair of the BHBIA's Ethics & Compliance Committee. As well as involvement in all the Committee's activities, 2022 saw her chair our Spotlight on Compliance seminar in June and speak at the Getting Started in Healthcare Business Intelligence training course in October. 

Yuliya commented, "I am honoured and overwhelmed by this recognition. John was one of a kind: dedicated, passionate and inspiring so to receive an award in his honour is a truly humbling experience. I joined the committee in 2018 and, having seen first-hand how it supports its members and drives integrity and transparency of our business practices, I cannot be more grateful to be part of this amazing team.”

2021 winners

Marie Harrison & Ian Crouchley - Partners, Consortium

Ian and Marie were nominated for all the work that they've put into developing training courses and webinars for the BHBIA. During 2021 they helped us to introduce new training formats that make the most of remote technology, as well as sharing with members their learnings about how to conduct qualitative market research in the virtual setting.

It requires a tremendous amount of time to develop and deliver courses and they both do this at no charge to the BHBIA as they believe passionately in sharing their knowledge and helping to raise the standard of pharma MR.

Ian and Marie accept their awards

Ian commented: "I’m pleased as punch to learn that my colleague Marie Harrison and I have been presented with the John Aitchison Award for Outstanding Contribution by the BHBIA. I’m led to believe the award recognises the time and work we have both committed to developing and delivering training courses for the BHBIA’s membership, fellow business intelligence professionals. I must say it is always a pleasure to be able to share knowledge and enthuse others. It is particularly poignant that the award is in John Aitchison’s name, as Marie and I worked with him for many years, joining forces on projects for clients and also developing and delivering training for fellow BHBIA members."

Marie added: "Feeling very honoured to receive {this award}. I like to think that our dear friend John would approve of the fact that it was made in relation to education and training."

2020 winner

Matthew Beckett - CSL

Matt was nominated for his work as Chair of the BHBIA's Ethics & Compliance Committee:

“Matt is a fantastic committee chair. He is totally on the ball as far as all the committee's work is concerned, even those topics which are outside his usual areas of expertise.  But most importantly he is a great manager of the team - he treats everyone with respect and takes time to get the most from people, whilst never forgetting that they are all volunteers with demanding day jobs.”

Matt Beckett

In accepting the award, Matt said: "I really appreciate being recognised among so many that give their time for the BHBIA, and to win an award with John’s name on it makes it all the more special. The Ethics and Compliance team are a pleasure to be involved with, and I’m lucky to have that opportunity. At last – a positive memory to take away from 2020!"

2019 winners

John Aitchison - First Line Research / SurveyScore 

John was nominated for his continued contribution to ensuring that we evolve as an industry to tackle the issue of declining market response rates, through his work with Mel Bayley to build on the Task Force recommendations. John also designed and ran, jointly with Sarah Smith of Kantar, the BHBIA’s highly successful Behavioural Science Summit in June. In addition, he delivered a great conference session, so overall he made a fantastic contribution to the BHBIA during 2019. 

John Aitchison
Xavier Fonder - RONIN International 

Xavier has continued to work with enthusiasm since taking over the role of Chair of the Fieldwork Forum. He works passionately to try and make change and improvements to everything related to fieldwork. He worked closely with the Response Rate Task Force and is a highly valued and active member of the Ethics & Compliance Committee too.

Xavier accepts his prize from Dan Coffin

2018 winners

BHBIA Ethics & Compliance Committee

This year we decided to recognise outstanding contribution in a slightly different way – rather than making an award to an individual, we took the opportunity to say thank you to a team who have truly gone the extra mile – that is: the BHBIA Ethics & Compliance Committee.

The big challenge for the team over the last year has, of course, been dealing with the complexities of GDPR, providing interpretation and guidance and giving our members a voice in discussions with the data protection authorities, work that’s still ongoing. At the same time, the team worked with the ABPI to finalise significant changes to adverse reporting guidance, and all this was on top of delivering the usual programme of updates and training.

There are a large number of individuals involved, and this dedicated team have put in many hours for the benefit of BHBIA members.

Congratulations to the whole team! This award includes everyone who was on the Committee during any part of 2018, so recognises the leadership of both Rachel Medcalf, who stepped down as Chair in May, and Matt Beckett who currently heads the team, as well as all the individual members.

Matt Beckett accepts the award from Board member Jenny Dawson

2017 winner

Lee Ronan, CSL (CompuFile Systems Ltd)

Lee has been a real champion this past year in raising the profile of business analytics within the BHBIA membership.

He had an instrumental role as part of the team that developed the new Analyst of the Year BOBI category - which included pulling together the task and submission criteria and organising a team of relevant industry experts to appraise the categories. A very successful year for a new BOBI category.

He is also a key member of the BOBI Best Newcomer organising team.

Lee has this year, like many years previously, been an avid supporter and contributor to the Analytics foundation training course as a speaker and convener.

Congratulations to Lee.

Lee accepts the award from BHBIA Chair Nick Coolican Smith

2016 winners

John Aitchison - First Line Research

Melanie Bayley - deFacto Research

Both John and Melanie were nominated for the leadership and guidance they’ve provided to the Respondent Engagement Task force, as joint Chairs of this group.

The amount of time, effort and commitment that both John and Mel have put into helping the task force progress has been truly impressive.

Along with the overall vision, they have provided guidance and direction to the various sub-teams and have invested significant personal resources to ensure the research has been completed to a level that can be peer reviewed and set an example for other countries to follow.

We will be hearing lots more from the Response Rates Task Force over the coming weeks, as the findings and recommendations of the group are published.

Congratulations to John and Mel.

John and Mel accept their award

2015 winners

Alison Buchanan - Alison Buchanan Associates

Over the course of 2015 Alison has once again made a huge contribution to the BOBI Awards. The success of the Best Newcomer event owes much to her excellent organisation and leadership skills and she still finds time to support other BHBIA initiatives.

Alison accepts her award

Wilf Iliffe - 14 Four Analytics

Wilf has been nominated for his significant and positive contribution to the BHBIA. He plays a full part in the organisation’s activities, including regularly speaking at analytics training courses and chairing the BOBI Committee with wisdom and enthusiasm.

Wilf Iliffe

Angela Thornton - ACT Research

Angela volunteered to act as secretary of the Ethics & Compliance Committee and has done an excellent job of drawing together the activity of the various workstreams and keeping everyone on track. And all of this with good humour and a smile.

Angela accepts her award from BHBIA Deputy Chair, Paul Ward

2014 winner

Paula Walker, Eli Lilly & Co.

Paula has been nominated for being the “driving force in the development of the compliance and ethics processes within the BHBIA”, in her role as Ethics Lead. She led the way in identifying and delivering solutions that enable the industry to meet high ethical standards at the same time as delivering excellent performance. She is enthusiastic and passionate about the industry and her commitment to the BHBIA is well recognised.

Congratulations to Paula.

Paula accepts the award from BHBIA treasurer Chris Ehinger

2013 winners

Alison Buchanan, BHBIA Personal Member

Alison has been nominated for her energy, focus and single-minded determination to do the best job possible. She take a leading role in the Best Newcomer Awards, motivating and engaging the entrants, judges and organisers alike.

Alison accepts the award from BHBIA Chair Nick Coolican Smith

Neil Reynolds, medeConnect Healthcare Insight

Neil is nominated for his dedication to supporting and recognising excellence in Business Intelligence. He is a key driver in the development and continual delivery of the BOBI Newcomer Awards.

Neil accepts the award from BHBIA Chair Nick Coolican Smith

Steve North, insight 2 implement

Steve has been nominated for his ‘amazing’ input into the development and management of the BOBI awards. As well as co-ordinating the ‘BOBI Challenge’ he provides overall inspiration and direction as Chair of the BOBI Steering Committee.

Steve accepts the award from BHBIA Chair Nick Coolican Smith