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Conference Awards 2013

BHBIA Awards for the Best Conference Paper and Syndicate Session

Each year the BHBIA presents two awards to recognise excellence at the Annual Conference. These are awarded to the facilitators/presenters achieving the highest scores, as voted on by the delegates attending the event.

The Keith Munro Award is for the Best Presented Paper.

2013 Winners: Paula Walker, Lead Consultant - Eli Lilly, Rebecca Marshall-Clarke, Research Director - Adelphi Research UK and Dave Kaye, Managing Director - Kiosk

Tell me the Old, Old Story

The John Wheeler Award is for the Most Innovative Syndicate Session.

2013 Winners: Dr Junaid Bajwa, CCG Board Member - NHS Greenwich, Sabina Syed, Managing Director & Olivia Shaw, Senior Consultant - Visions4Health and Nadine van Dongen, Director - Patient Intelligence Panel

Co-creating our Future to Satisfy Payer Needs on "Outcomes"

Conference delegates will be able to view the slides from these and all conference presentations online (delegates will receive an email when all the content is available).

There will also be a review of the winning paper and syndicate session in the BHBIA Journal, to be published in September.

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