Entry deadline: 14th February 2022 – 5pm 
Competition Day: Wednesday 6th April 2022, at Ipsos MORI, St Katharine Docks, London
Awarded to the team who perform best in a one-day challenge event - this year’s theme is 'Competing in the New Normal'. 

As we move towards a post pandemic world, the world has changed irreversibly, and we have had to fundamentally re-think how we do business. This year’s challenge explores the new normal from both a client and agency perspective, seeking to evolve better ways of understanding, communicating and interacting with our customers. 

The competition will explore contemporary challenges including: 

  • The promotional mix rule book has been thrown into the air. How do I measure success with so many new channels? How do I know my message is getting through? 
  • Launching into a niche area? What does my footprint look like and how do I manage non face to face and non-promotional engagement? 
  • Go big or go small? Do I use big data or small qual to optimise promotional impact? 
  • The new KOLs on the block. In the digital world, (how) can I get more control of my digital footprint? 
  • As an Agency how can I differentiate my offering in the new paradigm?

What is the BOBI Challenge all about?

The BOBI Challenge is a team competition designed to explore contemporary & emergent topics in a challenging but safe environment. Teams work together to solve a series of challenges, demonstrating teamworking as well as business intelligence skills. To succeed you will need to utilise the strengths and expertise of a team picked from across the business intelligence community. So diversity is key asset.

  • You can enter as an individual or with colleagues. Teams of around 5-6 people will be put together by the organisers on the day to ensure a range of expertise across the BI community, so it provides a great opportunity to learn from colleagues from different companies and disciplines. 
  • It will be an intense and challenging experience but you'll also meet others, learn new things and have fun! 
  • The Challenge is not suitable for total newcomers, but otherwise all experience levels are welcome.

Why should I enter – what’s in it for me?

The BOBI Challenge is about getting out of your comfort zone. It provides a great opportunity for you to expand your horizons and hone skills you might need in your current or next role. You will be working closely with people from across the BI community so it’s a great opportunity to network, place yourself in someone shoes and improve your understanding of how the industry functions. If you win then put it on the CV!

How to enter 

All you need to do now is click on the ENTRY FORM tab to register your intention to take part. 

You may enter as either

  • An individual, or
  • With one or two colleagues/business associates (i.e. a maximum of three people in total), in which case the organisers will endeavour to put you in the same team. One person should complete the entry form on behalf of you all.

What happens next? 

  • We will contact you after the entry deadline to confirm whether you have a place, and, in due course, to provide more details of the Challenge Day.

See FAQS AND ENTRY TIPS for some useful pointers

The BOBI Challenge event is formally recognised by the MRS CPD Programme, which may be of interest to you if you are an MRS member – click on the FURTHER INFORMATION tab for details.

Check out our news review feature to hear from previous entrants.

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