Finalists 2020 - listing

The BHBIA congratulates the 2020 BOBI Award finalists

See below for a list of the highly commended entries. The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony which for 2020 will be livestreamed on 4th December - book your ticket now

You can also now view more information about the highly commended entries (executive summaries for the real-life submissions and learn more about what was involved in the task based challenges). 

We would like to thank all our sponsors, judges, competition organisers, hosts and all those individuals who have given their time to support the BOBI Awards.

Real-life Submissions:

Real-life projects showcasing excellent work 

Best Business Impact

sponsored by Janssen

  • Project Guess Who - Working Differently: Focusing on What the Customer Really Wants - Niclas Holme, Catriona Gibb & Laura McDonald, Brains and Cheek / Laith Refaei, Ildiko Jones & Vincent Petit, Sanofi
  • Managing loss of exclusivity - informing the business at a critical time - Tristan Nichols, Lazaros Mavridis, Andy Stewart, Hassan Sabbah, Ty Hughes & Iain Butler, AbbVie Ltd.
  • Shaking It Up! - Philippa Hammerton & Liz Vickery, Red Leaf / Paul Ward, Sanofi

Best Patient-Centric Approach

sponsored by Partners4Access

  • CLL Management: Lost in Translations - Vivienne Gaulter Carter & Neil Rees, OPEN Health / Sarah Morley & Heidi McNeill, Janssen 
  • Seeing is Believing - Natalie Ambrose, Johnson and Johnson Vision / Viv Farr & Lucy Oates, Narrative Health
  • Prioritising patients’ perspectives on packaging - Lauren Halliwell & Ken Murray, UCB / Bethan Crisp, Victoria McWade, Iona Gillies & Darren Vircavs, HRW
  • Waking Up To Psoriasis: How research insights formed the bedrock of a campaign that inspired people with psoriasis across the UK - Helen McAteer, Psoriasis Association / Alexandra Orton & Julie Wong, LEO Pharma UK / Niamh Griffin, WE Communications / Jon Freeman, Synergy Healthcare Research

Best Use of Innovation

sponsored by SurveyHealthcareGlobus

  • ‘Inside Out’: Social Media Influencers in Rare and Invisible Conditions - Katy Irving, Emily Glass, Jaz Gill & Darren Vircavs, HRW / Alex Sunnerstam & Anthony Shaw, RealityMine / Ben Carlson-Davies, Insights and Engagement team: Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire CCG
  • Setting a new standard & pace for campaign development - Hannah Mann, Day One Strategy / Claire Derbyshire, Grünenthal* (*now at AbbVie Ltd.)
  • A different angle sheds new light - Katy Irving, John Maher, Kirsty Page & Victoria McWade, HRW

Excellence in Improving Market Access to Treatments

sponsored by Roche Products Ltd.

  • Achieving equitable care in advanced Parkinson's disease - Jamie Margerison & George Sheen, Impact Health / Natalie Marley, AbbVie Ltd.
  • Reducing inequities of access to secondary breast cancer treatment via patient pathway analytics - Stephen Jowett, IQVIA / Louise Jha, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd. / Professor Andrew Wardley, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Best Customer Insight

sponsored by GlobaLexicon

  • A wide ranging and iterative research programme to support the addition of varicella zoster vaccine onto the UK national immunisation schedule - Ben Greener, Emma Prosser & Rachael Czujko, MSD / Isabel Wood & Laurence Olding, Bryter
  • Understanding women's health and the role of digital channels - Seb Martin & Isabel Wood, Bryter
  • Using a Behaviour Change model to break down barriers to product adoption - Sarah Smith, James MacLeod & Sofia Whitaker, Kantar / Paul Warner, Takeda / Dan Berry, SMARTER at Hill + Knowlton Strategies
  • Against All Odds - Philippa Hammerton & Liz Vickery, Red Leaf / Madleen Hensel, Avi Leaf & Gemma Codling, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd.
  • Unlocking durable survival for more patients with metastatic melanoma - Ben Rigby, Strategic North / Lara Lucchese, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Leveraging behavioural science to unlock behaviour change in patient care - Su Sandhu, SkyBlue Healthcare Associates Ltd. / Kerrie Annan, AbbVie Ltd. / Crawford Hollingworth & Gill O'Hanlon, The Behavioural Architects
  • What to do when the customers have got it wrong! - Steve Lowery, Philippa Hammerton & Liz Vickery, Red Leaf / Paul Ward, Sanofi

Task-based Challenges:

Realistic case-study based challenges showcasing knowledge/skills in analytics, fieldwork and compliance 

Analyst Team of the Year

sponsored by OPEN VIE (an OPEN Health practice - formerly Harvey Walsh) 

Analyst of the Year

sponsored by Cegedim Health Data

Analyst and Analyst Team of the Year finalists:

  • AbbVie Ltd. and Quick Intelligence - Lazaros Mavridis, Tristan Nichols, Steve J. Johnstone, Alexander Cook & Murray Wood, AbbVie Ltd. / Steve Dark, Quick Intelligence      
  • Ashfield - James Atley, Mark Tunnicliff & Emily Smith
  • Health Management - Jonathan Sammut, Andrew Moody, Dan Clee, Robert Berry, Unmesh Gadkari, Brett Bylett, Scott Tatum & Vicky White    
  • Insight Dojo - Genevieve Hall
  • IQVIA / Boehringer Ingelheim - Tom Woods & Ben Hope, IQVIA / Gary Hamilton, Simon Vincent, Nick Gorostidi & James Warren, Boehringer Ingelheim

Creative Fieldwork Team of the Year

sponsored by Sermo

  • Fieldwork International / Ipsos - Vicky Burke, Keshia Bowyer, Barenese Du-Pont, Alistair Bates & Vitoria Gramacho
  • Kantar - Profiles Division - Franco Esposito & Becki Gonsalves
  • Medefield UK Ltd - Dharashin Reddy, Mo Rice, Niraj Patel, William Parsons & Jimmy Lam

The Compliance Challenge

supported by the BHBIA Ethics & Compliance Committee

  • Adelphi Research, GKA and Sanofi - Kate Shaul, Melanie Rankin, Rachel Medcalf & Rachael Turner, Adelphi Research / Adam Irwin, GKA / Paul Ward, Sanofi
  • Eli Lilly & Company - Paula Walker, Carlos Blanco, Simon Edmondson & Katie Gordon

Competition Day:
Best Newcomer 

sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim and hosted by Kantar

The Best Newcomer competition day was held on 20th November. The finalists are:

  • Alex Brown, Kantar
  • Fern Coleman, Bryter
  • Kiana Collins, Cegedim Health Data
  • Bryony Duckham, Adelphi Research
  • Beth English, Initiate
  • Georgina James, Bryter
  • Helen Kirkpatrick, Branding Science
  • Jemma Reast, Ipsos
  • Raminta Stonyte, SERMO