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Call for Sponsorship

BHBIA member companies are invited to apply for BOBI Awards sponsorship for 2017-18

The Best of Business Intelligence (BOBI) awards are the first and only healthcare-specific business intelligence awards in the UK, giving professionals in our industry an opportunity to gain peer recognition for excellence in business intelligence - including market research, data collection/fieldwork, and commercial analytics.

Sponsorship is your opportunity to be associated with business intelligence excellence. Sponsoring a specific, relevant category is a great way to highlight to your business and the BI community what you are striving to achieve and your commitment to the highest standards.

All sponsors benefit from exposure over a prolonged period, with their logo appearing online (including social media), in print and on screen at BHBIA events.

All BOBI sponsorship opportunities are open to full BHBIA members from pharmaceutical companies, agencies, consultancies and personal members.

There are several exciting opportunities to get involved with the BOBI Awards:

  • Sponsorship of one of the ten award categories ('trophy sponsorship')
  • Sponsoring an aspect of the awards night itself or an associated item
  • Hosting a one-day competition event

We also welcome joint applications from organisations who would like to share the cost, benefits and kudos of sponsoring an award.

Most of the 2018 sponsors have now been allocated but there are a few opportunities left - click on the 'choose which awards you'd like to sponsor' link below for details.

Why sponsor a BOBI Award?

All BOBI sponsors will benefit from:

* A strong association with Business Intelligence Excellence throughout the year

* A strong visual presence of your company logo/name on all BOBI materials:

  • Online (BHBIA website and social media)
  • In print (Entry brochures, Yearbook & Journal)
  • Via email updates (there are over 5,000 members on our mailing list)
  • At BHBIA events attended by over 500 members over the course of the year
  • At the awards ceremony, in front of more than 200 delegates from across the healthcare business intelligence industry.
  • In the pharmaceutical press (including a full page feature in PharmaTimes)

* Option of a place on the BOBI Committee, giving your company the chance to input into the process and network with peers

* Option to use the special year-specific BOBI logo on your website/social media pages and/or email sign-offs for the year of your sponsorship, to show your support

* The chance for two delegates to attend the awards ceremony at an exclusive ticket price

* Acknowledgement of your sponsorship at the ceremony

* If you sponsor a trophy you get to present it at the BOBI Awards Ceremony:

  • Your company logo will be engraved on the trophy
  • Your presence in the winners' photos

* The event sponsors (Best Newcomer every year and BOBI Challenge in alternate years) also get exposure at the competition event and the option to be involved in the planning and the day

* There are specific benefits associated with the other sponsored items - see the 'Choose which awards you'd like to sponsor' link for details.

What does your sponsorship provide?

* Sponsors of the 10 awards cover the cost of prizes, trophies and other benefits for the winners

* Other sponsorship covers the costs of specific items, e.g.:

  • Design/print costs for the entry brochure
  • Wine with the awards dinner
  • Photography at the ceremony

* A percentage of your sponsorship contributes to the overall organisation, publicity and events.

How will sponsorship opportunities be allocated?

Sponsors are picked at random from two pools:

  1. Pharmaceutical companies have first option.  This is to encourage greater involvement from these organisations.
  2. Agencies and other sponsors are then picked.

Each sponsor can nominate one or many awards they want to sponsor and you can rank them in your preferred order.  You will be allocated the highest-ranked option that's still available from your choices when your name is drawn.

The BOBI Awards Ceremony will be held in May 2018 at the BHBIA Annual Conference.

Choose which awards you’d like to sponsor

Please email us: if you have any queries before submitting your application.

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