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Creative Fieldwork Team of the Year

Sponsored by: SERMO
Entries are now closed - the deadline was 5pm on 14th February

Are you a fieldwork fiend? Do you enjoy sinking your teeth into a challenging fieldwork brief? This award is yours for the taking!

  • The Creative Fieldwork Team of the Year Award is being launched this year to let the diversity of our fieldwork members’ capabilities shine;
  • A chance to demonstrate the application of your skills to a realistic case-study based challenge;
  • A level playing field: everyone works on the same task and your submission does not have to reflect your actual resources;
  • No concerns about commercial sensitivity/client permissions - it’s a hypothetical brief and submissions are judged anonymously;
  • As well as the chance of winning, taking part provides an opportunity to foster good teamwork, and a learning and development exercise for the team;
  • Pick your best team, bring your expertise to bear, and showcase your ideal field approach to meet the requirements of the BHBIA’s Request for Proposal in the fantasy tender you’ve always dreamed of submitting.

How to enter

All you need to do now is select your team and complete an Entry Form.

  • Team members may be drawn from multiple companies;
  • There will be an opportunity to amend your team later - when you send us your submission, we'll ask you to confirm the names of all those who have worked on it.

What happens next?

  • We will contact you with details of the brief, which will be available from Monday 4th March for you to work on at your own pace;
  • You'll need to send us your submission by Monday 25th March (this will be in the format of a PowerPoint presentation - guidelines will be provided along with the brief).

The brief will be in the form of an RfP for a hypothetical UK-based fieldwork assignment and will include a budget range. Your task will be to respond to the brief, demonstrating creativity in how the fieldwork is to be executed. You will not need to be constrained by your company’s actual resources – you’ll be free to imagine what could be achieved with unlimited expertise. The judges will also be looking for willingness to challenge the brief, and, of course, demonstration of legal and ethical compliance. Please note that the RfP will relate only to the fieldwork element, not the whole market research project.

Judging will take place in April - the panel will include fieldwork, market research agency and end client representatives.

You will be notified by the end of April whether or not your entry has been highly commended, prior to this being publicised. One of the highly commended entries will be announced as the winner at the awards ceremony on 13th May.

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