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BOBI Judging Process

How do the BOBI judges make their decisions?

A judging panel of three or four experienced professionals is responsible for judging each category. Each judge independently rates the three short-listed entries against a set of objective criteria and notes their scores and comments.

The judges then share their individual assessments and confer until a consensus decision is reached. During this process of confering they may contact the finalists by email, to request clarification of any points relating to the entry submission (but not to seek additional information).

The judging criteria used for each award category are detailed on the Entry Template, so that you will be aware, whilst you are completing your entry, of the criteria that will be used to judge it.

These same criteria are used by the BOBI Committee in the initial shortlisting process to select the finalists.

All the judges and BOBI committee members are bound by a confidentiality undertaking not to disclose or discuss the content of the entries outside of the judging/shortlisting process. They are also carefully selected to avoid them viewing any entry where there may be a conflict of interest (e.g. companies that compete in the same disease area, where this has been identified by either the entrant or judge). In addition, no-one is permitted to be involved in the shortlisting or judging of a category in which someone from their own company is an entrant, or which their own company is sponsoring.

Entrants are given the opportunity (on the entry form) to list organisations whose personnel they do not wish to view their entries.

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