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Best Business Impact

Winning Entry and Runners-Up

Winning Entry

Myths, assumptions and research: using evidence to underpin business strategy
Claire Derbyshire, Sanofi
Louise Tamblin & Maerii Yung, Strata Research

Exectuve Summary:

The business objective was to develop an integrated multi-channel, cross company marketing strategy, underpinned by evidence-based decisions.  The study assessed relationship preferences, channel use, channel preferences and perceived channel functions across stakeholder types. Data collection included diary completion, mini-groups with co-creation, a data audit and synthesis. The results showed that professional stakeholder groups desired a very different integration of ‘digital’ and ‘traditional’ channels than had been anticipated internally. The research quashed commonly accepted myths about HCPs and their use of digital communications which led to the proposal of a new strategy, the adoption of a new strategic direction for multi-channel marketing and had impact across the whole company.

What the Judges said:

The paper outlined a very current issue which many companies are facing, and demonstrated the myths and assumptions which the business had been labouring under in the social media space. The research had a difficult job to overturn these myths, however, Sanofi and Strata clearly demonstrated how they worked collaboratively to achieve very impressive savings to the business and a realignment of the strategy for the UK company. It was clear that both the agency and pharma co worked hand in hand to achieve this and managed to get all stakeholders actively involved. They had a strong communication strategy for the outputs and the passion and commitment of both sides shone through for such a positive impact - very impressive. 


'Nice to have or need to have'
Rebecca Marshall-Clarke, Adelphi Research
Jeremy Fazal, AstraZeneca UKMC

Judges' comments:

This was a strong submission for a BOBI award in a competitive category. The paper outlined a very complex and current issue in the NHS - namely how to overcome challenges in a cash strapped environment. The research conducted to support the change in strategy was very innovative and clearly very powerful in convincing the business to adapt their approach to the product launch.

Anxiety Attack: Capitalizing on Pfizer's multi-billion dollar drug
Ramya Devanand, Pfizer Ltd
Kim Hughes, The PlanningShop International

Judges' comments:

This was a strong submission for a BOBI award in a competitive category. We felt that the paper was clearly written and demonstrated how good quality research, which had been effectively communicated through a workshop environment had clearly had an impact on the business thinking in the UK. The paper showed great clarity in the process taken and was a good demonstration of how strategy can be refined.


Best Business Impact - Winners 2012

Best Business Impact - Winners 2012

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