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Excellence in Sales Force Effectiveness / Commercial Analysis

Winning Entry and Runners-Up

Winning Entry

Combining multiple data sources to define local disease burden and market potential across multiple brands and indications in oncology
Pete Kimble, Shelley Jessop & Nathan Byne, Binley's
Tom Poole, & Dave Thompson, Roche Products Ltd

Executive Summary:

For the past five years, Binley's and Roche have worked together with publicly available data to provide insights which inform target setting and account planning across Roche’s oncology portfolio. Through a collaborative, iterative process, the complexity and acceptance of outputs have steadily increased year on year, along with the business impact of the intelligence. Through a series of mutual challenges between agency and pharma client, the data modelling incorporates additional data sources and drives maximal intelligence from exiting sources. Data outputs inform excellence in account planning and add value and context to customer interactions.

What the Judges said:

This collaboration between Roche and Binleys focused on one of the fundamentals of Business Intelligence, how to combine and validate multiple data sources in order to understand true patient potential by indication at a trust level.  This project had wide commercial impact; it influenced decisions with NHS stakeholders and was subsequently adopted as best practice across other therapy areas. This entry stood out by showing genuine innovation in approach, strong implementation and the greatest impact.


LOE – Loss of Exclusivity or Last Opportunity for achieving Excellence in maximising branded sales?
Kruti Popat & Mike Bennett, Takeda UK Limited
Lee Fox & Vince Stothard, IMS Health

Judges' comments:

A great example of Business Intelligence working hand in hand with the commercial organisation to maximise the sales of Amias in a market that was about to go generic.  This sales force effectiveness project, implemented over a two year period delivered strong sales results that were recognised by the global organisation

Sales Reporting – The Movement to Actionable Weekly Insights
Chris Reynolds* & Andrew Bromley, Teva UK Ltd

Judges' comments:

Strong execution of a project to resolve one of the main challenges in the field; how to provide actionable information to the sales force.  This project delivered a clear, actionable weekly dashboard to the sales team with improvements in efficiency, cost, and usability.

(*now at Roche Products Ltd)

Excellence in Commercial Analysis /  SFE - Winners 2012

Excellence in Commercial Analysis / SFE - Winners 2012

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