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Top Ten Tips

Here are our top 10 tips for a winning BOBI entry - they apply to the Panel-Judged and Company of the Year Awards categories - i.e. those where a written submission is required at the initial entry stage:

  1. Tailor your entry to the specific criteria for your category
  2. Communicate what is different about your project/company
  3. Write in a very clear style that an outsider could understand
  4. Keep it concise, use plain English and avoid jargon
  5. Include specific details as far as possible
  6. Use visuals to illustrate your points, not to extend the word-count!
  7. Incorporate feedback or comments from key stakeholders 
  8. Check for spelling and grammar – errors create a poor impression 
  9. Don’t include loads of data – focus on the interpretation 
  10. Ask a colleague not involved in the project to critique your entry

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