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Winter Seminar 2018 - Deal or No Deal: the patient future

Royal College of General Practitioners, 30 Euston Square, London NW1 2FB

9:30 AM - 3:30 PM



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Within the healthcare industry we are constantly faced with the challenge of change, and whether we see this as a burden or an opportunity to innovate has become much discussed.

The UK Healthcare system faces such challenge yet again; this time the reality of EU exit negotiations and new ministerial leadership have hit against the backdrop of ever-present funding and resourcing strain. And whilst our attention is focussed on the headline developments are we taking time to consider how this could impact on someone we all know…?

A patient.

Taking a case study example of a patient’s touchpoints with the healthcare system over time, leading speakers in Research and Trials, Commercial Pharma and Supply Chain and the Patient Voice will present their views on the challenges and/or opportunities on the horizon for key areas within the NHS: Budget, Research, Employees, Cross-border treatment, Innovation and Trials.

As attendees we will then estimate the scale of impact this could have to our patient’s future healthcare experience, focussing debate around the following: what areas could be most in need of action to maintain patient care, where are the opportunities to support innovation, and are we ready?

Held once again at the Royal College of General Practitioners, the venue will host attendees through expert speaker presentations, contribution and participation opportunities and a panel led debate to conclude. The meeting will then break for a more light-hearted Christmas lunch, after which attendees are free to depart or take advantage of the festive networking opportunities!

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