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Informing business intelligence professionals about changes in the legal and ethical environment that may impact on your work

News updates are published on the BHBIA website on an ad hoc basis, and BHBIA members are notified by email.

Alerts are provided when there is a significant development in legal/ethical guidance that cannot wait until the next update of the BHBIA Guidelines. We also include any new resources and publications from the Ethics & Compliance Committee, including materials from events.

Click on the links below to see the latest news alerts/resources:
  • Nov 2021 - Ethics & Compliance Update webinar - recording and slides now available
  • Oct 2021 - Streamlining and Digitising the Market Research Consent Process (A Fieldwork Forum initiative)
  • Sep 2021 - Changes to UK Data Transfer Mechanisms
  • Sep 2021 - European Guidance on Data Controllers and Processors - update
  • Jul 2021 - MR Quick Guide: Face to face fieldwork – Managing post-lockdown and the longer term
  • Jun 2021 - UK Data Protection Adequacy Confirmed 
  • Jun 2021 - New EU Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) published by the The European Commission (EC) 
  • Jun 2021 - Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Healthcare Market Research updated in line with ABPI Code changes
  • May 2021 - 'The Only Way is Ethics!' - video update from the Chair of the Ethics & Compliance Committee
  • May 2021 - Covid-19 Coronavirus - latest advice for members
  • May 2021 - BHBIA Covid-19 Information and Resources Bank - new updates added
  • Apr 2021Online Security and Due Diligence and New Technologies - 'Compliance: The New Normal' guides added to the Privacy & Data Protection section
  • Feb 2021 - Updated BHBIA/ABPI Guidance notes on collecting adverse events, product complaints and special reporting situations during market research - now including medical devices
  • Feb 2021 - New 'Sharing Personal Data - Quick Guide' and updated 'Data Protection Update - Naming the End Client' added to the Privacy & Data Protection section
  • Jan 2021 - Updated 2021 ABPI Code of Practice - a summary of the key changes
  • Nov 2020 - Brexit and data protection implications - webinar recording and slides now available
  • Oct 2020 - New 'Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Data Analysts' online training launched
  • Oct 2020 - European Draft Guidance on Data Controllers and Processors – Update
  • July 2020 - EU-US Privacy Shield Invalidated and EFAMRO Guide
  • June 2020 - Stay up to date - stay on top - Ethics & Compliance update 12 June - webinar recording now available 
  • June 2020 - The latest BHBIA Legal and Ethical Guidelines now include practical examples to bring the guidance to life
  • Jan 2020 - Immediate Data Protection Implications of UK’s Exit from the EU - latest update
  • Jan 2020GDPR Update – Naming the End Client - a clear and simple summary of the circumstances in which an end client needs to be identified to market research participants
  • Nov 2019 - new Practical and Ethical Consent Gathering for Customer Database Managers online training module 
  • Nov 2019 - Ethics and Compliance Update webinar - recording and slides now available 
  • Nov 2019 - Ethics and Compliance Update - covering several important issues 
  • Apr 2019 - Amended versions of GDPR - Brexit Implications updates issued - in line with latest timelines
  • Mar 2019 - The implications of Brexit for Healthcare BI in the UK webinar - recording and slides now available
  • Mar 2019 - Responses to some recent member queries: ABPI Code of Practice and requirement to name the client, Using legitimate interests as a lawful basis for processing personal data, Messages and stimulus material testing
  • Feb 2019 - GDPR Update - Brexit Implications - update on the latest government and ICO guidance on the implications of Brexit for data protection and market research (since updated Aug 2020)
  • Jan 2019 - Compliance Dos and Don’ts when Using Secondary Data for UK Healthcare BI webinar - recording now available - slides have also now been added (March 2019)
  • Dec 2018 - New GDPR/Brexit update - Nominating a Representative (since updated Aug 2020)
  • Nov 2018 - GDPR Update - Brexit implications (since updated Aug 2020)
  • Sep 2018 - AE in motion webinar - recording now available
  • Jun 2018 - Slides from 'Living with GDPR – What it means now it’s here' meeting are available to members
  • Mar 2018 - GDPR Update - slides and recording from webinar 23 March are available to members
  • Mar 2018 - ICO - new notification fee for data controllers
  • Sep 2017 - Slides and Q&A from the "Building the GDPR into every stage of your project - Privacy by Design and Default" seminar held on 7th September are available to full BHBIA members
  • Mar 2015 - Latest update on the implementation of the ABPI disclosure requirements