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Members Directory

You can see here which companies are full members of the BHBIA.

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14 Four Analytics

3 Sixty Market Research Ltd

42 market research

7i Group Ltd

A Plus A London

AbbVie Ltd

ACT Research Ltd
being built...

Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Acumen Field Ltd

Adelphi Real World

Adelphi Research by Design

Adept Field Solutions Ltd

Adkins Medical Research - Pembroke

Adkins Research Group

Alexion Pharma GmbH

Aline Rogers

Alison Buchanan Associates Ltd

Alison Johnston

Allergan Ltd

Alpha Market Research Limited

Amgen Ltd

AMP Research

Angela Gibbings

Apex Healthcare Consulting

AstraZeneca UK Limited

Atheneum Partners Limited

Avondale Consultancy Limited

B2B International Ltd

Bayer Healthcare

Becky Morley Consulting

Bedrock Healthcare Communications

Big Data Healthcare Ltd

Big Fish International

Bionical Solutions

Black Swan Analysis Ltd

Blue Latitude Health

Blue Print Research Group LLC

Bodell Consulting Ltd

Borderless Access India

Brains and Cheek Ltd

Brainsell Ltd

Brand Institute, Inc.

Branding Science

Branding Science LLC

Branding Science LLC San Francisco

Brandon Robertson Associates Ltd

Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Britannia Pharmaceuticals

Buzz Research / Audience Healthcare

Byne Business Intelligence Consulting LTD

CAM Market Research Recruitment Ltd (CMRR)

Cambridge Design Partnership LTD

Cascadia Consulting Ltd

Catherine Ayland of Bridge MR Limited

Catherine Catto Consulting

CE Consultancy Ltd

Cello Health Communications

Cello Health Consultancy

Cello Health Insight

Charles River Associates

Charles River Associates Boston

Charles River Associates Cambridge

Charles River Associates London

Charles River Associates Munich

Charles River Associates New Jersey

Charles River Associates New York

Charles River Associates San Francisco

Cheshire Data Services

Chesil Consultants

Chugai Pharma UK Ltd

Civicom Marketing Research Services

Claire Hardy

Claret UK Ltd

CM Pharma Research Limited

Cobalt Sky Ltd

Compass Plus Ltd

Connected Research & Consulting, LLC

Consulting at McCann Health

Consulting at McCann Health (North)

Corporate Value Associates France

Costello Medical Consulting Limited

Creative Medical Research Ltd

Cross Tab Marketing Services Pvt Ltd

CSI Global Research Ltd

Curious Industry, Ltd.

Customer Faithful Ltd


David Thompson(MI)Limited

De Facto Research Limited

Deallus Inc New York

Deallus Inc. California

Deallus Tokyo

Debbie Waterman

Decision Resources Group

DM Research

East To West Marketing Research

Eisai Limited

Eli Lilly & Company Ltd

Eli Lilly (UK)

Eli Lilly and Company

Eli Lilly Italia Spa

Elma Research

Emma Newman Consulting Ltd

Emma Spring Insight

Envision Health Partners

Envision Health Partners LLC

eSense Translations

Evolution Consulting & Research

Evolve Fieldwork Ltd

Executive Insight - Healthcare Consultants Ltd

Executive Insight AG – Healthcare Consultants

F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Field Scope Int Ltd

Fieldwork International

Fiorente Global, LLC

First Line Research


Fresh Perspectives

Frost & Sullivan (London)

Future Thinking

Gail Tomkins

Genactis Italia

Genactis Ltd

Genactis SAS

Gfk Polonia Health

Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd

Gilead Sciences Ltd

Gillian Kenny Associates Limited

Glaxo SmithKline UK Limited

GlobaLexicon Ltd

Grunenthal Ltd

H1Access Limited

Hall & Partners Europe Limited

Hall & Partners USA LLC

Hamell Communications

Harvey Walsh Limited

Hayward Medical Communications


Healogix, LLC

Healthcare Research Worldwide

Healthcare Research Worldwide Limited

Healthcare Research Worldwide NY

Hilary Ellis

Idealis Pesquisa

IMS Health Analytics Services Private Limited

In Market Research

In-House Research

In-House Research

in-sync Customer Insights

Incite Marketing Planning

InCrowd, Inc.


Informa Business Intelligence

Inicio Consulting

Inpharmation Ltd

Instar (America's)

Instar Research

Ipsos Healthcare

Ipsos Healthcare (Suisse)

Ipsos Insight, LLC

IQVIA Consulting Services Boston

IQVIA Consulting Services Cambridge

IQVIA Consulting Services London

IQVIA Medical Radar AB

IQVIA Technology Solutions Poland Sp. z o.o.

Jane Egberts

Jane Galvin

Janssen-Cilag Ltd

Jeremy Lonsdale

Julia Clarke

Julia James Medical Market Research

Just Worldwide Ltd

Just Worldwide Poland

Just Worldwide US LLC

Kadence International

Kantar Health Asia

Kantar Health GmbH

Kantar Health New York


Kantar Health UK

Kantar Millward Brown

Kantar Millward Brown

Kantar Operations

Karchner Marketing Research, LLC

Katharine E Galaud

KES Consultancy

KeyQuest Health Ltd

Kudos Research

L&L Resourcing

Language Insight

LDA Research Ltd.

Liberating Research

Lifescience Dynamics

Lilly Deutschland GmbH

Lilly Nederland

Lundbeck Ltd (do not use)

Luto Research Limited

M3 Global Research

Mandy Ilic

Mark Spedding Research and Consultancy Services

Market Strategies International

Maxwellia Ltd

medeConnect Healthcare Insight

Medefield America

Medicys Limited

MedOutcomes Ltd

MedSight Research

Merck & Co

Merck & Co Inc

Minding the Gap Ltd

Moneypenny Services

Morpace International

MSD Vaccines

Naked Eye Research Ltd

Napp Pharmaceuticals

Narrative Health

NexGen Healthcare Communications Ltd

Nicky Richards

Nicola Hewitt

Nik Pennycuick

Novartis Corporativo

Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd

Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Ltd

nuaxia Limited

Oracle Fieldwork Ltd

Osprey Health Consulting

Own business (Fizz Research)

P\S\L Group (Mexico)

P\S\L Group (South Africa)

Paul Barnett Inc. DBA Now What Research

Paula Scott Research

Pegasus, Inspiring Healthy Decisions

Petal Consulting Limited

Pfizer Italy

Pfizer Ltd

Phoenix Healthcare

Plus Research Solutions


Porterhouse Insights

Praxis Research & Consulting Limited

Precision Xtract

Prescient Healthcare Group

Prescient Healthcare Group Inc

Prescient Healthcare Group Pvt Ltd.

Prescient Heathcare Group (NJ)

PRMA Consulting

Professional Curiosity Ltd

PSL Group (APAC)

Psyma Health & CARE GmbH

Purdie Pascoe Ltd

Puzzle Fit Consulting Ltd

Qualicis Research

Qualogy Research - Marie Haynes and Jamie Wootton

QualWorld Vilnius

Quantum Argentina Fieldwork

Raka Garg

Reckner Healthcare

Red Leaf Research

Redline Strategic

Reframe Research

Rephine Limited

Research Now Germany

Research Partnership Inc

Research Partnership US

Ripple International Ltd

RJW Pharma Research LTD

RNR Market Research

Roche Products Ltd

RONIN International

Roots Research Ltd

RP Translate Ltd

RTI Health Solutions

SCIO Health Analytics (UK) Ltd.

Sean Sinclair

Selica International Ltd for Innovation & Evolution

Semantics Market Research

Sequentis Health

Shire Pharmaceuticals

Sika Consulting Ltd

Silver Fern Research

Silver Moon Solutions Ltd

Simon Kucher & Partners Beijing

Simon Kucher & Partners Tokyo

Simon Kucher & Partners LLC

Simon Kucher & Partners Milan

Simon Kucher & Partners Munich

Simon-Kucher & Partners

Simon-Kucher & Partners Cologne

Simon-Kucher & Partners Copenhagen

Simon-Kucher & Partners Frankfurt am Main

Simon-Kucher & Partners GmbH

Simon-Kucher & Partners LLC New York

Simon-Kucher & Partners Luxembourg

Simon-Kucher & Partners Madrid

Simon-Kucher & Partners Singapore

Simon-Kucher and Partners San Francisco

SJK Healthcare Consulting Ltd

SKIM (Netherlands)

SkyBlue Healthcare Associates Ltd

Stothard Consulting Limited

Strategic North Ltd

Su Sharma

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Europe Ltd

Survey Healthcare (Europe)

Synergy Healthcare Research

Takeda UK Ltd

talkhealth Partnership Ltd

Taylor McKenzie Research & Marketing Ltd

Team Consulting Limited

Teva UK Ltd

The Healthcare Research Partnership (HRP)

The KOL Connection Ltd

The Link Group

The Link Group (Durham NC)

The Nursery Research

The Planning Shop

The Research Partnership Singapore

The Sales Consultancy Ltd

Themis Analytics

Toluna Romania

TomTomComms Ltd

Tribe Research

Turquoise Thinking Ltd

ValueBase Healthcare Ltd

Virtual Brand Planning Ltd

WG Access Ltd C/O WPP H&W

Wilmington Healthcare Ltd

Wilmington Healthcare Ltd (Nottingham)

Zebra26 Limited

ZS Associates Asia

ZS Associates Europe

ZS Associates Evanston

ZS Associates USA

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