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Compliant AI Projects – legal and ethical considerations for working with artificial intelligence

This training module focuses on the key Ethics and Compliance considerations when working with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Two main areas are covered:

  • Reporting Adverse Events, Product Complaints and Special Reporting Situations
  • Data Privacy

The training is suitable for any business intelligence / insights professionals - ranging from data analysts to market researchers - who conduct projects that utilise or leverage AI technologies and approaches. This can include “data scientists”, “technical architects” and “digital marketers”.

Even if you already have policies in place, this programme will help you check that you have considered all the important issues, and provide support as your business needs, systems and the technology itself evolves. 

This training is a 'one-off' process - it's not part of the annual re-certification process (this only applies to the market research modules). 

Given the fast moving nature of AI, the BHBIA Ethics and Compliance team will revisit this module at least annually.

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