Covid-19 Information & Resources

We have compiled a bank of guidance, information and resources that our members may find useful in keeping up to date on the latest information and guidance to help you manage your businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The list is divided into:

  • Business Intelligence Associations - UK
  • Business Intelligence Associations - International
  • Data Protection Regulators
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Associations
  • BHBIA Member Companies (research and trackers)

If you would like to contribute an item that would be of interest to our business intelligence audience, please contact us - we just need a one-line headline, a short description (up to 75 words) and a link to further details.

Latest additions: 


Links to these resources are provided for information purposes only. The BHBIA’s decision to make this information available does not infer endorsement of any of the content and nor do we accept any responsibility for its accuracy. This is not an exhaustive list of all the relevant information that's available - we welcome further suggestions for inclusion.

Business Intelligence Associations - UK

This joint statement from the Chairs of the BHBIA Board, Ethics & Compliance Committee and Fieldwork Forum gives you our latest advice on navigating the current public health crisis.

We have modified our guidance to a more flexible position regarding the resumption of face-to-face activities and we have produced a new 'Quick Guide' to help with this. Our guidance continues to emphasise the importance of being sensitive to the needs of HCPs and patients and giving these careful consideration.

Read the updated full statement Download Quick Guide: 'Face to face fieldwork - Managing post-lockdown and the longer term'

Industry associations and agencies are collecting and sharing data on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our ability to carry out primary market research and this is one of a series of updates that we are publishing to make sure that this information reaches our members. 

A BHBIA Fieldwork Forum meeting took place on 11th May, via WebEx and included a presentation from Nada Sahinagic, KeyQuest Health and Adam Irwin, GKA. Nada and Adam shared the journey we have experienced with respondents working in the NHS since the beginning of March and looked into what we are expecting to see in the coming months.

The presenters have kindly provided a summary of some of the key findings and given us their permission to share this.

Read our summary report

Feedback from the second EphMRA webinar providing an update on conducting fieldwork in major European markets, including the UK

The BHBIA has previously reported on webinars conducted earlier in April by EphMRA and Intellus Worldwide.

EphMRA conducted a second webinar on 30 April and kindly invited BHBIA members to attend once again. Our update focuses on key messages from the update that are relevant for the UK.

Read our summary report

Industry associations and agencies are collecting and sharing data on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic upon our ability to carry out primary market research and we want to make sure that this information reaches our members.

Two webinars took place during the week of 6 April:

  • Primary Market Research Findings and Feasibility - Intellus Worldwide and M3 Global Research
  • Update on Fieldwork in 5EU - EphMRA and a range of agencies, including M3, Medefield and a UK perspective from KeyQuest Health

The hosts and presenters have kindly allowed the BHBIA to share some of the key findings, so with their permission we have collated and summarised key information:

Read our summary report

EphMRA conducted a second webinar on 30 April and kindly invited BHBIA members to attend once again. We have provided a short summary of the points from this update that are relevant for the UK: click here to read the update.

The MRS issued a further update to their guidance in April 2022


In January 2022, in response to the lifting of restrictions across the 4 nations, the MRS advised that in-home data collection can resume. 

April 2022:

A variety of small changes have been made, largely involving a shift from to 'best practice' and 'should', rather than 'requirements' and 'must'.

The MRS note that they will continue to monitor the situation and we may have to revisit the MRS guidance if the situation changes significantly. 

See details of the latest guidance

Two new papers have been added to the MRS Coronavirus Support Hub. 

The first paper makes the case for new investment from government in F2F, as well as restarting existing projects. 

The second paper encourages government to allow more flexibility for over 70s to resume their normal social contact. This will enable the large proportion of F2F researchers in this age group to work, as well as ensuring that over 70s are represented in F2F research.

Visit MRS website for details

Links to a series of resources, FAQs and third party guidance including:

The guidance also refers to support for researchers from the Market Research Benevolent Association

Visit MRS online support blog

Various research trackers and studies have been launched over the past few weeks as research organisations seek to understand consumer attitudes and behaviour during the Covid-19 outbreak. Here, Research Live will provide a list of Covid-19 focused trackers and research studies that we know have launched, with a focus on the UK market. This page will be updated and new research projects can be submitted for inclusion.

Visit Research Live website

'Promoting an ethical approach to the business of market research and data analytics in difficult times' 

Jane Frost, Chief Executive Officer of Market Research Society recently wrote to MRS members and referred to ‘ethical business practices’ to help the market research and data analytics industries.

View a summary of the points made
Business Intelligence Associations - International


  • Take an ethical approach.
  • Some specialities should be avoided for market research but other specialities are available.
  • Be flexible and keep in touch with country developments.
Visit EphMRA website for details

ESOMAR's centralised COVID-19 resources page, summarises all current initiatives they are running to support the research community, as well as offering guidance and industry content on the topic.

There are a number of practical reports which you may find useful, including:

  • Financial Viability
  • Covid-19 Business Planning and Strategy
  • Impact of Covid-19 on Research Quality?
  • Focus groups, where do we go from here?
  • Successfully switching to purely online research methodologies, tips and solutions
  • Successfully switching to a virtual office, tips and solutions you can use to go virtual and data protection and privacy tips
Visit ESOMAR website for details

“Research has always been the cornerstone of informed decisions; why not lean on that expertise now and ensure evidence-based decision making and accelerate the termination of the crisis and the recovery post-crisis?”

ESOMAR is calling upon business leaders who commission research, national government leaders, international bodies, and the business community to take steps to facilitate access and dissemination of our expertise. The document outlines their recommendations.

Read the ESOMAR document

Key messages:

  • Essential research should be encouraged to continue
  • Where possible, shifting to digital methodologies is part of our duty of care
  • Physical proximity to be avoided at all possible cost. Where unique and exceptional circumstances apply, abide by ALL local guidance.
Read the ESOMAR document

'Healthcare Providers Across Specialty Still Want to Participate in Market Research' (March 25): Draws on research studies and says ‘let the data guide you when conducting research during the time of COVID-19’.

An update 'Primary Market Research Can Continue' (April 8) provides further data from multiple studies.

Visit Intellus website for details
Data Protection Regulators

Helping individuals and organisations navigate data protection during this unprecedented time. The ICO will add new and relevant information as the pandemic continues. Includes sections on:

  • Data Protection and coronavirus – what you need to know – providing answers to the questions the ICO are being asked (for example advice to apply usual security measures for homeworking to keep personal data safe).
  • Advice for healthcare professionals.
Visit ICO website for full details
Pharmaceutical Industry Associations

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry is working closely with the Department of Health and the NHS on how our members can best support the Government as plans evolve and we adapt to an ever-changing situation.

The ABPI's COVID-19 hub gives access to the most up-to-date information for what pharmaceutical companies are doing to tackle the outbreak.

Visit ABPI website for details
BHBIA member companies (research and trackers) are producing a series of updates, webinars and videos based on their understanding of what healthcare professionals are saying online about the impact of Covid-19. track and analyse the conversations of more than 1.9m healthcare professional social media profiles worldwide.

Visit website for latest updates

Following the research GKA conducted in April with their panel of healthcare professionals, they share an updated picture of how the situation is looking now, particularly as the measures in place across society are beginning to change.

Visit GKA website for details

KQH produces a daily update on the feasibility of conducting research with HCPs in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, China & Korea.

Visit the KQH website for latest updates

M3 Global Research have surveyed over 31,000 HCPs globally about their current willingness to participate in market research. 

The study results (currently updated daily) can be accessed in the form of an interactive dashboard (filtered by country, HCP type and specialty), and as a PDF report, on their website.

Visit M3 website for details

Sermo invited its 1,3MM HCPs to participate in the COVID-19 Real Time Barometer Study, which addresses a broad range of topics including treatments, their efficacy and safety, ethical questions related to wartime triaging, medical shortages, patient types experiencing the most complications, hospital preparedness, peak timing, social distancing impact and more. Multiple waves including a deeper dive into treatments will be conducted over the next several weeks. 

Visit Sermo website for key findings and further information