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Optimising Market Research Insights to Increase Business Impact - course review

February 15th, 2021

This half day workshop, held on 4th February, was in two parts. 
The conveners made great use of Zoom technology to optimise the interactivity, giving delegates a true 'workshop' experience.
Our thanks to Synergy Healthcare Research and Basis Health.

(See full course details here)

Part one - run by Synergy Healthcare Research: 
  • This section helped delegates to better understand how to develop insights and actionable recommendations, and the role of market research in generating these. We explored the difference between data and insights and discussed how to answer the ‘so what’ and reach that ‘light bulb’ moment. 

Jon Freeman of Synergy commented: We were delighted to have the opportunity to run this session and to discuss how the design and analysis of market research can help identify insights. It was great to have such an interactive group of participants who helped make the session stimulating for all involved. Thank you to everyone who took part!  

Part two - run by Basis Health:
  • We then explored how to make our actionable insights stand out. Attention spans are decreasing and distraction is omnipresent. This section provided hints, tips and illustrative case studies to help you evolve deliverables in line with technology advancements and the way we digest data now, to increase engagement and business impact.

Georgina Cooper of Basis summed up: "It was great to see so many people engaged and seeking to learn more about how storytelling and the art of communication can ensure actionable insights stand out from the crowd.  These tools can increase engagement and drive a business impact, something which is critical in our industry, so thank you to all for a great session!"

Delegate feedback

Comments from the delegates included:

"I found the breakout rooms and interactive activity really useful and insightful"

"The chance for interaction and to experience the point of view of different delegate backgrounds"

"A fantastic chance for a refresher, chance to try some new things and very valuable to have all the content together in one place - to revisit in own time." 

You'll be able to hear more from the Synergy team at their workshop 'Promoting the Value of Market Research During Changing Times and Priorities' at the BHBIA Conference in May! - programme and booking details here