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The new Data Protection Regulation - GDPR Update


12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


This event is now fully booked (our WebEx licence limits the number of places we can offer). You can still register below but you will be placed on the waiting list and we'll let you know if a place becomes free nearer the time. Don't forget, a recording will be available, so those who aren't able to attend will be able to catch up afterwards.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect all researchers and analysts. With just 2 months to go until the new regulations come into force, are you and your organisation prepared?

We’ve discussed all the theory and most of us are now aware of what GDPR is, what the main changes are and what we need to do. So now is the time to talk about practicalities. What are the grey areas? What’s still worrying you about implementing the regulations and how can we as an industry work in a compliant way, with BHBIA members setting the gold standard?

The BHBIA Ethics & Compliance Committee are here to help, with the latest solutions, hints, tips and resources to address your concerns and help you finalise your plans.

Specifically, this webinar will cover:

Contracts – This area is a big concern, especially when some companies are large enough to have whole legal teams on board and others (freelancers and smaller agencies) are really worried about what to do with all this information they are being asked for. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you sit, this is an important aspect to discuss.

  • Klaas Breukel, Associate Director, Global Commercial Insights, Actelion will give a client-side overview but also look at it from the perspective of what’s coming from agencies.

Consents and privacy notices – Most organisations will need to make changes here. How can we ensure we are being compliant?

  • Dr Jessica Santos, Global Compliance and Quality Director, Kantar Health will talk about some practical solutions to make sure we are all working to a consistent standard, and some suggestions about what these need to look and feel like.

Policies and processes – This, in a nutshell, is a reminder of what “building GDPR into every stage of your project” is all about, which processes still need work? what does the process flow look like?

  • Yuliya Fontanetti, Head of Operations, HRW will cover this final section and discuss some personal experiences.

Members Q&A - We will end with a Q&A session – moderated by Catherine Ayland, BHBIA Ethics Consultant. Members are invited to submit questions via SmartSurvey in advance of the webinar:

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