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Innovations in MR - Speakers

7th March 2019

Jon Chandler - Director, Branding Science

  • More than 30 years of high level experience in Qualitative Market Research within the healthcare arena; designing and doing research, building and leading teams, thinking and writing about research and making successful companies.
  • During the 1980’s, he and Mike Owen lead the introduction of projective and enabling techniques into the healthcare arena. In 2002, he co-authored ‘Developing brands with Qualitative Market research’, published by SAGE as part of their QMR series.
  • He is currently developing a new book ‘This is branding science’, which aims to explore the contribution of different disciplines (ranging from anthropology to neuroscience) to the understanding of brand development and out of this, creating a paradigm for joined up approaches to help make pharma brands and help move them forward.

Jackie Cuyvers - CEO Convosphere

Jackie is Co-Founder and CEO of Convosphere, a London based firm which provides businesses and their agency partners real and actionable social Insights on their target audiences and markets from across the world using in-country analysts who understand the language, culture and business sector. Convosphere works with many agencies in pharma to harness the value of social media insight within healthcare research.

She has a background in Digital Marketing and Social Media Intelligence which spans over 15 years and 2 continents. She has an MBA in International Marketing and worked at Marketing Agencies and Management Consultancies before founding Convosphere.

Jackie advises businesses on how to create better customer and partner relationships by using social intelligence. Jackie has advised businesses of all sizes on how to apply social thinking to delivering improved and more effective relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, become more customer-centric, and help the organization make data-driven decisions with local and global insights.

Rick Harris - Managing Director, Customer Faithful Limited

Rick founded qualitative-research-led consultancy Customer Faithful in 2009. He is best known for his healthcare research, working with global Top 20 pharmaceutical companies to develop patient-centricity insights that drive change across the organization. His projects with clients such as Pfizer, Amgen and Teva have included groundbreaking research with patients living with cancer, migraine and asthma, in the US and Europe.

As a qualitative researcher, Rick also enjoys the role of being Customer Faithful’s Innovator-In-Chief! and has developed a number of cutting edge methodologies in patient journey research. Currently, he is using Augmented Intelligence and Machine Learning software to develop new techniques for the large-scale analysis of open-ended comments, across major international languages.

Nick Leon - Founder, Naked Eye Research

Nick is an ethnographer. He is the founder of Naked Eye and a pioneer of ethnographic film methods to understand human behaviour. He trained as a Human Factors designer on the MSc programme at UCL and with design company IDEO on innovative user-centred research methodologies.

Nick has worked across different industry sectors for clients Microsoft, Amazon, Unilever, GSK and others to improve customer experience and engagement. His VR work has been used for insight and strategy work for leading healthcare companies and shown at industry science events.

Michael Wright - Managing Director, D&T Operations

Michael Wright is Managing Director of D&T Operations, the market research data-processing bureau, specialising in complex tabulations, data know-how and automation.

Michael and his former colleagues founded D&T Operations in 2018 after 20+ years at Digitab, working with a wide range of Market Research clients, particularly on complex high profile projects.

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