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Pharmacovigilance in Social Media Research


12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


Social media research brings many opportunities for finding unique, unprompted customer insights and business intelligence. But uncertainty about implementing pharmacovigilance requirements can make social media research risky.

In this webinar, Daniel Ghinn will share a wealth of experience gained through more than twenty years at the forefront of digital health customer research. Daniel and his team have worked, with support from the BHBIA's resources, to understand the implications of pharmacovigilance guidelines in diverse social media research settings including compiling syndicated research, retrospective conversation studies, live tracking scenarios and research both in public and private doctors’ networks.

You will learn:

  • How to implement the BHBIA and ABPI guidelines on adverse events, product complaints and special reporting situations in your social media research.
  • How to decide on reporting of events and interpret the nuances of social media conversations.
  • Methodologies to provide a safe framework for your pharmacovigilance colleagues, to guarantee they will not be inundated with a wave of adverse event reports.

About the presenter:

Daniel Ghinn is a pioneer of digital health research and has advised the world’s largest healthcare companies and NGOs. He leads the team at CREATION, developing insights for health strategy from the digital behaviours of Internet users. In 2013, Daniel’s work in the field of HCP online research led to the launch of CREATION Pinpoint, now the world’s largest database of more than a billion digital conversations among healthcare professionals. Through his early work on adverse event incidence on social media, he made recommendations for digital pharmacovigilance that have been adopted as standards by many in the industry.

We are very grateful to the organisations and individuals that give their time and expertise on a voluntary basis to run training courses on behalf of the BHBIA.

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