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Uncovering the Unconscious in Qualitative Market Research

Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


‘If you know what makes someone tick, you understand the reasons for their behaviour’. Uncovering the Unconscious in Qualitative Market Research

Coffee and Registration at 9.00am for a 9.30am start

The unconscious mind is the seat of our motivations. It communicates in feelings, not words.

Market researchers are continually exploring new, innovative ways to uncover the unconscious drivers of behaviour.

Expert speakers will invite delegates to consider techniques from psychology, counseling, life coaching and the Samaritans and learn how engaging respondents in purposeful dialogue, rather than asking questions, can get to the root of almost everything.

Traditional methods of eliciting information will be firmly challenged and the self-awareness of the researcher will be explored, in terms of how this impacts on the research process.

Jane Fligelstone, who leads the workshop, won the BHBIA's coveted Ian Burgess Award for this event in 2014, and in 2012 for 'Specialised Qualitative Research Techniques and Effective Communication'.

Learning Objectives

1. To briefly review the ‘traditional’ approaches we use to elicit information and identify the potential gaps in our current approach.

2. To explore different approaches to ‘investigating’ human behaviour using ‘dialogue’ between the interviewer / moderator and the respondent / respondents, from disciplines outside marketing research:

  • Psychology / Counseling
  • Life Coaching / Mentoring
  • The Samaritans

3. To identify key learnings from each discipline that can be used in the market research setting to uncover the unconscious.

4. To consider how engaging in a purposeful conversation with a respondent you can get to the root of everything – the how, the why, the what at the unconscious level.

5. To have an opportunity to use these learnings in a role play scenario and experience how each can bring more depth of understanding / more insight by allowing the ‘respondent’ to uncover his / her deep seated beliefs and motivations.

Benefits for Agency Delegates

  • An opportunity to explore the use of different techniques that will enhance their own research practice and, therefore, the recommendations delivered to the client
  • The aim will be to demonstrate how introducing some of these approaches / techniques can leave the respondent / respondents and the interviewer / moderator feeling refreshed, inspired and ready for action, rather than exhausted and worn out!!

Benefits for Pharma Company Delegates

  • An opportunity assess the approaches / techniques used from the perspective of commissioning qualitative research, as well as ‘selling’ them on to internal customers (especially important when marketing or sales personnel are viewing field work) through an understanding of what each approach will deliver
  • The associated benefit of being able to incorporate the ‘dialogue’ approach into communicating with internal customers

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