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Working with Key Opinion Leaders


12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


This webinar will look at twin aspects of working with KOLs in healthcare: identification of KOLs and best practice in engaging KOLs in market research.

KOL identification research has traditionally focused on identifying KOLs (mainly physicians) from a sales/MSL perspective. We explore a broader perspective on KOL engagement – as experts (and that is not just physicians) who can help understand unmet needs, influence healthcare policies and drive paradigm shifts in healthcare as a whole, not just increase prescriptions for specific drugs.

We also go beyond the traditional domain of KOL research, me-too blockbuster drugs, to address niche opportunities in first-in-class rare disease therapies, personalised medicines and medical devices – where traditional large scale peer group surveys (or historical sales rep records of call frequency) may not even be practical options with micro communities of highly specialised health care professionals.

We will share recent examples to demonstrate the opportunity to leverage data available in the public domain to identify KOLs.

In the second part we will explore best practice learnings in researching these all important audiences, from the first contact to invite them to participate all the way to reassuring them that their opinions are being heard.

We will invite attendees to share their comments and questions.

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