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Ethics & Compliance Committee

Please find below the names and photos of the Ethics & Compliance Committee members.

For legal/ethical guidelines queries please consult the BHBIA Guidelines as your first port of call. If you cannot find the answer to your question, full BHBIA members can use our ad hoc Guidelines Advisory Service to receive a confidential response from our Ethics Consultant.

For general queries, comments or suggestions, please email and your request will be passed on to a relevant member of the team.

Rachel Medcalf - Ethics & Compliance Committee Chair

Rachel Medcalf

Organisation: Adelphi Research UK

Catherine Ayland - BHBIA Ethics Advisor

Catherine Ayland

Organisation: Independent Consultant

Ioannis (Nakos) Balamotis - Guidelines Team

Ioannis (Nakos) Balamotis

Organisation: Drug Safety Institute/Brand Institute

Matt Beckett - Data Analytics Guidelines Team Lead

Matt Beckett

Organisation: CSL

Klaas Breukel

Klaas Breukel

Organisation: Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Jason  Bryant - Data Analytics Guidelines Team

Jason  Bryant

Organisation: Pharma Partnering

Matteo Cappai - Guidelines Team

Matteo Cappai

Organisation: Ipsos/Fieldwork International

Alison Carr - Training Team

Alison Carr

Organisation: Hamell

Xavier Fonder - Training Team

Xavier Fonder

Organisation: RONIN International

Yuliya Fontanetti

Yuliya Fontanetti

Organisation: HRW

Catherine King - Guidelines Team

Catherine King

Organisation: Leo Pharma UK

Darren Kottler - Data Analytics Guidelines Team

Darren Kottler

Organisation: Astellas

Pat Leach - Training Team Co-Lead

Pat Leach

Organisation: MSD

Nicola  Miles - Training Team Co-Lead

Nicola  Miles

Organisation: medeConnect Healthcare Insight

Guy Murray - Consultant to the Committee/BHBIA Board

Guy Murray

Organisation: MSD

Will Pajak - Guidelines Team

Will Pajak

Organisation: Roche Products Ltd

Neil Reynolds - Ethics & Compliance Committee Deputy Chair

Neil Reynolds

Organisation: medeConnect Healthcare Insight

Mo Rice - Guidelines Team

Mo Rice

Organisation: M3 Global Research

Aline Rogers - BHBIA Executive Officer

Aline Rogers

Organisation: BHBIA

Jessica Santos - Guidelines Team Co-Lead

Jessica Santos

Organisation: Kantar Health

Angela Thornton - Secretary

Angela Thornton

Organisation: ACT Research Ltd

Paula Walker - Guidelines Team Co-Lead

Paula Walker

Organisation: Eli Lilly and Company

Claudia Wing - Guidelines Team

Claudia Wing

Organisation: GSK

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