Joining the BHBIA Board of Directors

Please see below full details about the BHBIA Board, what's involved, detailed description of the role.

Who are the Board of Directors?

The Board consists of 10 people elected by the members of the Association - five from companies in the Industry Division and five from companies in the Agencies and Consultancies Division (including Personal members).

Board members all work full time in healthcare business intelligence roles but have the support of their organisations to commit time and energy to BHBIA initiatives in addition to their day jobs.

Most Board members are in senior business intelligence roles (industry department head or agency director level or above) but applications from across the spectrum of our membership are welcomed as it is recognised that all committee members have something different to contribute.

What's involved in being on the Board of Directors?

Board members play a vital role in setting the strategic direction of the BHBIA. In addition to taking part in monthly Board meetings, Board members are expected to attend key meetings such as the Annual Conference and to help with the organisation and running of other initiatives and events. All members need to be prepared to take a ‘hands on’ approach to share this commitment.

Hear what some of our Board Directors say about their involvement:

“Being a member of the Board is extremely interesting and worthwhile. The level of engagement from the other Directors is high in our meetings – I look forward to the lively debates, the can-do attitude and knowing that we are all part of leading the direction of the organisation on behalf of its members. 

I believe the BHBIA makes a huge difference to the industry in so many ways – our annual events, the recognition of excellence via the BOBI Awards, the reassuring guidance of Ethics and Compliance, our superb training programme and not to mention the various forums and connect groups. To be part of all of this is fabulous.”

Kelly West, Head of Non Trial Activity and Market Research at Boehringer Ingelheim

“Being a part of the BHBIA Board of Directors has been an incredibly rewarding experience so far. The board consists of people with diverse roles and experiences, across both agencies and pharmaceutical companies. As such, it's been fantastic to learn about and from others from across the world of healthcare business intelligence. Having such a diverse group also makes for some exciting sparring sessions during board meetings, ensuring the role of the BHBIA and the benefits it offers are effectively shaped for all areas of the membership.

One particularly rewarding area I've been involved in was the running of the Sustainability Seminar, which has ultimately resulted in the creation of the BHBIA Sustainability Committee. There's always something to get involved in, with a variety of opportunities, so come and get stuck in with us!”

Ben Walker, Research Director at Adelphi Research Global

How are the Board of Directors elected?

A request for nominations for Board vacancies is sent to all members before the end of December each year. Nominations close on 31st January and new Board members are announced at the AGM, which takes place at the BHBIA Annual Conference.

The Call for Nominations and Election for 2024 is now closed. Results of the election were announced at the AGM on the 13th May 2024. 

In the event that more nominations are received than the number of vacancies available, there is a ballot (for either the Industry or the Agency Divisions of the Board, or both, as applicable), following which the candidates with the most votes are elected. 

Candidates are elected by members of their own division, i.e. pharma companies vote for the pharma person they would most like to represent them, and agencies vote for the agency person. Each organisation has one vote.

The term of office is two years, after which Board members who wish to continue their service can stand for re-election.

If a Board member resigns before the end of their term of office, the Board can chose to co-opt someone to fill their post on a temporary basis. The co-opted member must then be nominated and, if applicable, stand for election alongside other nominees if they subsequently want to join the Board on a formal basis.