Please see below for a list of what is included in our Resources area. Click on the downward arrow beside each heading to see a short description of each section and a button to access the full information.

For legal and ethical guidance related to healthcare business intelligence please see the separate Guidelines & Legislation area.

We also provide resources for people outside our industry who have taken part or been invited to take part in a market project run by one of our member companies.

The following resources are available:

These provide information about the market research process and the high standards that the BHBIA requires of our members.

Resources for Healthcare Business Intelligence Professionals

The latest news from the BHBIA and our members (BHBIA members can submit their news items on line via the ‘My BHBIA’ section of the site when logged in).

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A bank of guidance, information and resources that our members may find useful to help you move forward in this area.

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Full members can access recordings of past webinars and selected other virtual events via the Events, Courses & Webinars section of the site. Filter on ‘Webinars’ in the ‘Categories’ section. You also need to filter on  ‘Year’ (as the default is to only display future events).

You can also click on the button below for an at-a-glance list of all our recent webinar topics, with links to the individual event pages to access the recordings.

You will need to be logged in as a member to access the webinar recordings.

In a special partnership with Intellus Worldwide, members can also access all Intellus archived webinars too.

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  • Current vacancies in healthcare business intelligence
  • Advertising a job – apply to post a job vacancy on our website
  • Careers in business intelligence – information for those interested in working in our industry
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The BHBIA Response Rate Task Force has produced a full report: Reversing the decline in HCP participation. This report reveals the immediate threat that dwindling HCP participation poses to the quality and validity of our findings and makes recommendations for actions to ensure the future credibility of our work, and to restore HCPs’ faith in our professionalism.

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The Screener Design and Best Practice Guide has been produced through a collaboration between the BHBIA Fieldwork Forum and EphMRA Fieldwork Forum, with a view to raising standards across the whole healthcare market research industry.

The need to improve our screening practices is the top recommendation of the BHBIA's Response Rate Task Force and this guide provides practical guidance to help you implement their recommendations.

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This resource includes:

  • Healthcare Information and Statistics – e.g. listings of UK medical staff by speciality
  • Market Research Techniques – including detailed information about types of projects and research tools.

The content of this section is provided in conjunction with Synergy Healthcare Research and is based on their ‘Healthcare Business Intelligence Handbook’.

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The BHBIA’s newsletter is published twice a year – 'Yearbook' in March (produced in both hard copy and online pdf format) and 'Journal' in September (online pdf only).

Members can:

  • Contribute news, features and advertisements
  • View/download online copies of publications
  • Request hard copies of the Yearbook (subject to availability)
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A list of useful links associated with and aiding our Industry.


  • UK and International professional bodies
  • Government Associations
  • Publications
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The BHBIA logo symbolises the BHBIA aims and mission and is used to brand all communications of the organisation providing a visual identity to all its activities. The main BHBIA logo should not be used by any individual or organisation without prior approval by the BHBIA.

Specific logos have been created for use by members to denote membership of the BHBIA and by winners of specific awards – this section provides guidance on the use of the logos and an opportunity to download them.

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Slides and other materials from some of our meetings are made available to BHBIA members. For certain events (e.g. Conference) these are only available to those who actually attended the meeting. You can access these via the Events, Courses & Webinars section of the site.

Most of the meetings with added content are classed as ‘Events’ so you will generally be able to filter on ‘Events’ in the ‘Categories’ section to narrow down your search. 

You also need to filter on  ‘Year’ (as the default is to only display future events).

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The BHBIA is delighted to announce the publication of its Skills Framework in May 2023 as part of the organisation's evolving Learning and Development strategy pillar. 

Supporting You and Your Organisation

Whether you are just starting your Business Insights career, have a good idea of your career aspirations, or a leading figure exploring opportunities as they come, the Skills Framework provides a view of UK Business Insights roles and your possible pathways through them, throughout your career.

If you are working in a domain area you love, the Skills Framework may inspire and inform your plan to develop your depth of knowledge and expertise over time.

Similarly, if you are interested in broadening you experience, the Skills Framework is a guide to knowledge or skills you may need in other domain areas so you can look or ask for relevant Learning and Development opportunities.

The pathways may not even be for your own benefit. Commonly as careers progress, you’ll be responsible for others’ development, so the Skills Framework can be your guide to building and supporting your teams.

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