Guidelines & Legislation

Guidelines & Legislation

The BHBIA's Guidelines & Legislation area is divided into sections, each of which contain different types of compliance guidance and support materials to help you.

If you know which section you need, you can click on the 'Quick Links' below to go directly to that section.

Otherwise, take a look at 'What's included in each section?'  and click on the downward arrow beside each heading to see a short description of the section and a button to access it.

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What's included in each section?
  • Your essential guide to legal and ethical requirements at each stage of a market research project – easy to navigate and search
  • Also includes pro formas for market research – in Word format for you to adapt and
  • FAQs covering selected queries from members
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  • Joint BHBIA/ABPI guidance notes explaining the requirements for reporting AEs/PCs and SRSs collected during market research
  • Also includes the recommended data collection and reconciliation forms – in Word format for you to adapt and use
  • FAQs covering selected AE/PC/SRS reporting queries from members
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  • A series of short guides on different aspects of the legal and ethical requirements when using secondary data for market research and data analytics e.g. database building or customer relationship management
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  • A series of short guides based on the Legal and Ethical Guidelines
  • Cover key topics in a easy to read format suitable to print and carry with you or hand to colleagues or clients/suppliers
  • Only selected topics are covered, they are not a substitute for the full Legal and Ethical Guidelines
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  • Short guides covering various key aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.
  • Also includes
    FAQs covering selected data protection queries from members
    Materials from BHBIA meetings on this topic
    News updates
  • N.B. The latest data protection requirements have been incorporated into all the BHBIA’s guidance documents
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Further Support

  • See what’s new in ethics and compliance – an update is posted when new or updated guidance is issued and whenever there are changes in the UK legal and ethical environment that affect members
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  • If you have a question that is not answered in the BHBIA’s guidance materials, you can submit it to our Ethics Advisor and receive a confidential response
  • Only available to full BHBIA members
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  • Find out the latest committee news and see who the members are
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