About online training

The BHBIA offers two types of online training programmes:
  1. Ethics & Compliance courses, which are included free with your membership or certified non-membership subscription
  2. Other courses on core business intelligence topics, which are available to purchase
Ethics & Compliance courses

The BHBIA offers three core online training programmes: 

  • Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Market Researchers 
  • Adverse Event Reporting in Market Research 
  • Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Data Analysts (NEW October 2020)

Each consists of a set of training slides and an associated competency test. Certification is renewed annually. Renewals open in September each year and certificates are then valid until 31st October the following year (subject to payment of membership fees). 

There are three additional programmes:

  • Compliant AI Projects – legal and ethical considerations for working with artificial intelligence (slides + 'one-off' test - i.e. no annual re-certification)
  • Practical and Ethical Consent Gathering for Customer Database Managers (slides + 'one-off' test - i.e. no annual re-certification)
  • Guidance for Reviewing/Approving Market Research Materials (slides only)
Other courses

Our series of purchasable modules is new for 2021. So far two courses are available:

  • Essentials of Qualitative Market Research in Healthcare (NEW January 2021)
  • Essentials of Quantitative Market Research in Healthcare (NEW January 2021)

Each course has an associated test which, when passed, allows you to download a Certificate of Learning.

Other courses will be added over the coming months and years.

Further information that you may find useful regarding the ethics & compliance courses:

1. Online test/certification FAQ - We answer your questions about the annual certification process for market researchers 

2. BHBIA/EPHMRA Guidelines Competency test collaboration - If you are a member of both BHBIA and EphMRA you can save time by not having to take 2 full tests. EphMRA offers a partial test which combined with a full BHBIA test meets their requirements - and this applies to both Legal & Ethical Guidelines and Adverse Event Reporting.