Webinar Recordings

Please find below a list of our recent webinar recordings. 

Click on the links to go to the event page for each webinar - from which you can access the recordings (full BHBIA members only - you'll need to be logged in to see the recording links and passwords).


Mapping the Patient’s Emotional Journey using Social Listening - 9th October

Creating competitive advantage through the use of data and advanced analytics - 4th September 2020

Creating Truly Patient-centric Materials - 2nd July 2020

Stay up to date - stay on top - Ethics & Compliance Update - 12th June 2020

Bringing the Academic into the Corporate - 30th April 2020

Digital Opinion Leaders are the new Key Opinion Leaders - 20th March 2020

Digital Marketing in Healthcare - 28th February 2020

Best Practice for Customer Segmentation - 24th January 2020


Ethics and Compliance Update - 22nd November 2019

Embedding Patient Centricity to build engagement and drive change - 4th October 2019

Physician and Patient Qualitative Research Techniques - 6th September 2019

Pharmacovigilance in Social Media Research - 22nd March 2019

The Implications of Brexit for Healthcare Business Intelligence in the UK - 1st March 2019

Compliance Dos and Don’ts when Using Secondary Data for UK Healthcare BI - 25th January 2019


Modern Survey Design Masterclass - 9th November 2018

Forecasting: Answering the Questions Behind the Question - 5th October 2018

AE in Motion - Update on key changes to Adverse Event Guidelines - 21st September 2018

Optimising Tracking Studies - 24th May 2018

The new Data Protection Regulation - GDPR Update - 23rd March 2018

Data for pharma – what is out there? – can I use it? - 20th March 2018

What would Rare Disease Patients tell you if you asked them? - 9th March 2018

Innovations in Digital and Social Market Research - 9th February 2018

Brand Health - Measurement for a New Age of Multichannel Marketing - 26th January 2018


Getting your Market Research Sample Right - 9 ½ ways to maximise fieldwork success! - 6th October 2017

Case Studies in Patient Research - 1st September 2017

Working with Key Opinion Leaders - 23rd June 2017

NHS Update – latest developments, challenges and opportunities in the UK health service - 25th May 2017

Sales Force Effectiveness Techniques for Pharmaceuticals - 7th April 2017

The Challenge of Bringing Greater Value to Patient Research - 10th March 2017

How Social Media Informs Business Intelligence Strategy - 10th February 2017

Real World Data – the current enigma in medical research - 27th January 2017