Webinar & Virtual Event Recordings

Please find below a list of recent webinar recordings. You will also find recordings of the main presentations from our major virtual events.

Click on the links to go to the event page - from which you can access the recordings (full BHBIA members only - you'll need to be logged in to see the recording links and passwords).

Transforming Client Outcomes using Behavioural Science 20th June 2024
Keeping Insights Alive – an Inside Story 23rd May 2024
Spring Virtual Event: Building a Strong DE&I Culture
BHBIA Navigating the Future of Research with ChatGPT & Generative AI 22nd February 2024
BHBIA Challenging pharma to focus on health equity and inclusivity 18th January 2024
BHBIA Ethics & Compliance : The Final Word 2023 7th December 2023
Realities of the NHS The challenges of bringing insight to action 9th November 2023

How to Deliver Exciting, Engaging and Long-lasting Content 13th October 2023

Innovations in Market Research - 22nd September 2023

Summer Virtual Event: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Thinking in Business Intelligence - 7th September 2023

Optimising Real-World Evidence with Big Social Data - 26th May 2023

Making the most of your Agency Fair stand (at the BHBIA Annual Conference) - 17th May 2023

Online Virtual Workshops - Optimising Engagement and Outcomes with Behavioural Science Bias 28th April 2023

Experience Mapping - the How, Why and What 31st March 2023

Environmental sustainability in healthcare business intelligence; can we achieve it? Spring Virtual Event 2 March 2023

Why Empathy Matters : the Importance of Unpicking the Narrative 10th March 2023

Walking the Talk : Developing a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion framework to engage and develop your people 10th February 2023

The Ten Commandments for Critical Thinking 20th January 2023


Deepen your understanding of online influence 11th November 2022

Guidelines for incentive payments within market research (Fair Market Value initiative) 4th November 2022

Improving Health Care by Understanding Patient Sentiment & Preference 20th October 2022

Behavioural Science in Quantitative Research 23rd September 2022

Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Summer Virtual Event 8th September 2022

The Role of the Patient Voice in Access to Treatments 17th June 2022

Clinical Trials and the Leaky Pipe 22nd April 2022

Running Successful Virtual Workshops 4th March 2022

Navigating Ethics and Compliance in Modern Data Analytics 28th January 2022


Ethics & Compliance Update - 18th November 2021

Combining Search Analysis and Social Listening to Provide a 360-degree View of Information Needs - 5th November 2021

Using Data Fusion & Choice Modelling in Segmentation - 8th October 2021

Qualitative research in the new normal - 1st October 2021

Machine Learning Applications in Healthcare and Biomedicine : Principles and Practice - 1st July 2021

Selected video content from the bhbia2021 Annual Conference - includes Best Conference Paper winner, Sponsored Sessions and Ethics & Compliance presentation - 10th-12th May 2021

Going global via mobile - an introduction to conducting successful qualitative smartphone research studies - 30th April 2021 

ABPI & BHBIA AE/PC/SRS Guidelines - Medical Devices Update - 18th March 2021 

Introduction to Early Access Programs - 26th February 2021 

The Effect of COVID-19 on the Market Access Landscape - Spring Virtual Event - 25th February 2021

BOBI Awards - why you should join this year's competition - 26th January 2021

Speed, Value and Flexibility: The Unique Benefits of Online Qualitative Research - 21st January 2021


BOBI Awards Live / The BHBIA hits 60 - 4th December 2020

Brexit and data protection implications - 13th November 2020 

Giving Analytics "Teeth" - launch of new Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Data Analysts training - 30th October 2020

Mapping the Patient’s Emotional Journey using Social Listening - 9th October 2020

Summer Event 2020 (BHBIA Chair's Vision for the future / Hugo Fry, Managing Director of Sanofi UK Pharma & ABPI Vice President) - 10th September 2020

Creating competitive advantage through the use of data and advanced analytics - 4th September 2020

Creating Truly Patient-centric Materials - 2nd July 2020

Stay up to date - stay on top - Ethics & Compliance Update - 12th June 2020

Bringing the Academic into the Corporate - 30th April 2020

Digital Opinion Leaders are the new Key Opinion Leaders - 20th March 2020

Digital Marketing in Healthcare - 28th February 2020

Best Practice for Customer Segmentation - 24th January 2020


Ethics and Compliance Update - 22nd November 2019

Embedding Patient Centricity to build engagement and drive change - 4th October 2019

Physician and Patient Qualitative Research Techniques - 6th September 2019

Pharmacovigilance in Social Media Research - 22nd March 2019

The Implications of Brexit for Healthcare Business Intelligence in the UK - 1st March 2019

Compliance Dos and Don’ts when Using Secondary Data for UK Healthcare BI - 25th January 2019


Modern Survey Design Masterclass - 9th November 2018

Forecasting: Answering the Questions Behind the Question - 5th October 2018

AE in Motion - Update on key changes to Adverse Event Guidelines - 21st September 2018

Optimising Tracking Studies - 24th May 2018

The new Data Protection Regulation - GDPR Update - 23rd March 2018

Data for pharma – what is out there? – can I use it? - 20th March 2018

What would Rare Disease Patients tell you if you asked them? - 9th March 2018

Innovations in Digital and Social Market Research - 9th February 2018

Brand Health - Measurement for a New Age of Multichannel Marketing - 26th January 2018


Getting your Market Research Sample Right - 9 ½ ways to maximise fieldwork success! - 6th October 2017

Case Studies in Patient Research - 1st September 2017

Working with Key Opinion Leaders - 23rd June 2017

NHS Update – latest developments, challenges and opportunities in the UK health service - 25th May 2017

Sales Force Effectiveness Techniques for Pharmaceuticals - 7th April 2017

The Challenge of Bringing Greater Value to Patient Research - 10th March 2017

How Social Media Informs Business Intelligence Strategy - 10th February 2017

Real World Data – the current enigma in medical research - 27th January 2017