Fieldwork Best Practice

High-quality fieldwork is the foundation for informed decision-making but collecting reliable and representative data can be a challenge. Best practices are essential to obtaining accurate and actionable data, navigating complex regulatory requirements and delivering trustworthy insights. 

 The BHBIA is committed to driving industry excellence and providing guidance on fieldwork best practices. Our Fieldwork Committee leads our work in this area.

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Disclaimer: The guidance, information and resources provided here are intended for information purposes only. The recommendations do not include any regulatory or legal advice and should not be construed as such. 

Guidelines for Remuneration within Market Research 

The guide is designed to help our members remunerate those that participate in healthcare market research fairly, protect the quality of the sample and the quality of the data produced, whilst working within the necessary industry regulations and company requirements.

Recording and Slides from FMV Webinar 

Representatives of the Ethics & Compliance Committee and Fieldwork Forum hosted a webinar on Friday 4th November 2022 to introduce the guidelines.

BHBIA Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Healthcare Market Research: Your essential guide

See section 4.9 - Reimbursing Respondents

Screener Design and Best Practice Guide

The guide is intended to act as a reference aid for those designing/implementing screeners to meet their research needs whilst avoiding unnecessary fieldwork complications well ahead of the point of fieldwork going live.

The guide is also designed to act as a safeguard for future respondent engagement.  We know as an industry that screeners are one of the key frustrations cited by respondents for lack of MR engagement and that poor design will affect future participation.

Reversing the Decline in HCP Participation

This report reveals the immediate threat that dwindling HCP participation poses to the quality and validity of our findings. We need to act now to ensure the future credibility of our work, and to restore HCPs’ faith in our professionalism.

The report’s recommendations are the culmination of many months work and based on BHBIA-sponsored qualitative and quantitative research amongst HCPs – including active, lapsed, and non-participants.