About Us

Aims and Objectives 

Empowering the UK healthcare business intelligence (BI) community to deliver excellence with integrity, the BHBIA:


  • legal and ethical compliance of the highest level
  • relevant organisations to be active members
  • best practice in all areas of BI
  • participation from individuals at all levels within member companies
  • beneficial relationships with allied professional organisations


  • educational programmes
  • a forum to share how BI best practice can shape healthcare
  • responses to industry issues
Our Vision

The BHBIA have set a goal that by 2023 we will be the industry association for thought leadership, professional development and ethical standards for deriving insights within UK healthcare. 

These three pillars will guide our decision making and investments:

Ethical Standards 

  • Expand current areas of focus to ensure we cover all areas of insight generation to ensure we continue to raise standards 

Professional Development 

  • Provide networking opportunities at high quality events that the membership want to attend 
  • Focus on fewer training events but ensure they are of the highest quality 

Thought Leadership 

  • Facilitate bringing other industry experiences to our members to stimulate thoughts and inspiration
  • Hot topic discussions and latest developments that will resonate with our members 

For more details read this Message from the Chair about our vision for the future.

The BHBIA hits 60! - A well cut diamond? Or a lump of coal?

Watch our video to hear BHBIA Chairman Paul O’Nions, Sanofi and Claire Mottershead of Adelphi Research share with you the key findings of a major research project that Adelphi conducted during 2019 on behalf of the BHBIA. 

The research explored pharma company executives’ views on the future of business intelligence within the industry, and what this means for the BHBIA – to help us create our vision for the future and build momentum to achieve it. Paul goes on to explain our vision, and how this feeds into the BHBIA's goals as stated above.