The BHBIA is managed by committees who help and advice on each area of the BHBIA. The commmittee members are made up from not only a cross section of the BHBIA member organisations but also personal members.

  • BOBI Commitee - The BOBI Committee is responsible for setting the direction and planning the detail of the BOBI Awards process. As well as setting the BOBI Awards agenda, the group have a key role once a year in shortlisting the Panel-Judged Awards entries.

  • Ethics and Compliance - The goal of the Ethics & Compliance Committee (ECC) is to ensure that the highest levels of legal and ethical compliance are adhered to in all business intelligence practices.Committee members are drawn from across the Agency, Pharma and Personal Member sectors of the membership, encompassing market research, fieldwork and data analytics expertise.

  • Fieldwork Forum - The Fieldwork Forum represents the community of agencies who have a particular specialism in fieldwork/data collection. It is not a fixed committee - all those with an interest in this important area are welcome to join any of our activities (including freelance interviewers/moderators/recruiters who are BHBIA Personal Members as well as anyone working in a pharma company or market research agency who would like to get involved).The BHBIA are very keen that our fieldwork members have the opportunity for a stronger voice and increased recognition as valued partners in the market research process. Our Fieldwork Forums have been looking at a number of ways to foster best practice and to make sure that fieldwork-related issues are given appropriate prominence with the BHBIA membership generally as well as at our major meetings.

  • Marketing and Comms - This group has evolved from our original 'Digital Communications Committee' to have a broader focus on marketing and communications as a whole. Our aim is to define the strategy to move BHBIA communications and engagement with our members and other stakeholders forward to the next level.

  • Personal Members - The Personal Members' Forum represents the community of independent consultants/freelancers who are BHBIA Personal Members. It is not a fixed committee - all BHBIA Personal Members are welcome to join any of our activities.Our main meeting is held annually over lunch prior to the Members' Exchange Forum in September. We also have a BHBIA Personal Members Linked in Group which is open to both full Personal Members and Personal Certified Non Members.

  • Response Rates - The BHBIA Response Rate Task Force is delighted to announce that you can now download our full, Board approved report: Reversing the decline in HCP participation.  This report reveals the immediate threat that dwindling HCP participation poses to the quality and validity of our findings. We need to act now to ensure the future credibility of our work, and to restore HCPs’ faith in our professionalism. We plan to report again in 2020 to evaluate what progress has been made. Please act too by reading this report, sharing its messages, and making the essential changes now. 
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