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Analyst/Analyst Team of the Year

The Analyst/Analyst Team of the Year competition 2017-18 is now closed for entries

The entry deadline was 5pm on 14th February 2018

Competition takes place: 9th - 30th March 2018

Can you turn data into an engaging story?  Are you an expert in your chosen reporting tool? 

The Analyst / Analyst Team of the Year BOBI Award is the place to showcase your skills.  You don’t need to write a long submission or even leave the comfort of your cubicle to enter. 

Here’s how it works….

  • You can enter individually or as a team.
  • Entrants will receive a number of data sets drawn from published NHS resources and a brief giving you the requirements for a report that will work for sales reps, managers and head office users.
  • Your task will be to load and blend the data in your favourite reporting tool and create an interactive, engaging report that tells the story within the data. 
  • The only restriction is that the judges must be able to view the report without having to buy a licence!

The competition will be judged at the beginning of April 2018.  The data will be available to download on Friday 9th March and we will require the completed report to be submitted by 5pm on Friday 30th March.

The report that best fulfils the requirements and delivers in a visually engaging way will be the winner.

Enter by 14th February - this initial entry stage is simply an expression of your intention to take part. You won't have to do anything further until March.

There is no fee to enter the Analyst of the Year competition, but you must work in a full BHBIA member company to take part.

Enter now (via SmartSurvey)

How will your entry be judged?

Here's an overview of the sorts of things the judges will be looking for. More details will be provided when the data and task briefing are issued in March.

The Basics

Overall elements such as:

  • Is the report appropriately referenced?
  • Does the report lead you on a story?
  • Are the numbers correct?

Does the report fit the brief?

This will obviously depend on the specific brief for this year’s task, but is likely to include elements such as:

  • Can I see the national overview?
  • Can I see how an individual territory is performing?
  • Can I see how individual CCG/HB are performing?
  • Can I see information that helps me to take action tomorrow?

Are all the elements of the report clear and do they function as you'd expect?

  • Pick lists / drop-downs
  • Navigation
  • Map elements
  • Charts

Look and Feel

  • Does the colour scheme work?
  • Is the report useable in the real world (Speed, size, etc.)?
  • Does the report fit on the screen well?


  • Does the report give clear explanation of metrics used and how these were calculated?

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