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Innovation in Data Collection & Fieldwork

Sponsored by SERMO 

Awarded to a project or research study that has demonstrated innovation in the way that the data and/or respondent information was collected and showed clear benefits as a result. Entries are open to all types of market research/business intelligence including qualitative, quantitative through to secondary data and analytics.

Focus of this award:

  • Improvement on traditional techniques and/or the introduction of innovative methods
  • Generation of insights through delivery of high quality data
  • Clear evidence of tangible positive impact on the UK client business, patients and/or the NHS

Download the Panel-Judged Awards Entry Template (your entry must be completed on this template)

Complete an online Entry Form (you will need to upload your submission with this form)

For entries to be successful in this category it is essential that your entry is clearly written, and that you explain your methodology and demonstrate the impact* of your work.

*This does not necessarily have to mean sales/market share - impact could be demonstrated in other ways - e.g. a change in brand or field force strategy, an improvement in organisational or commercial effectiveness etc.

Remember you can enter projects that are up to 3 years old (at 31st December) and older projects may have now had time to show an impact.

To get an idea about the sorts of projects that have won this award in the past, click on the links below to view executive summaries and judges' comments from previous years:

(Note: past entries are for the Excellence in Data Collection/Fieldwork Award so may not have such a strong focus on innovation as is now expected).







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