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MRS CPD Accreditation for BHBIA Events

We are formally recognised by the MRS CPD Programme

We are delighted to inform you that the BHBIA are officially accredited as part of the new MRS Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme

The MRS CPD programme offers MRS members a framework to take control of their professional development planning; enabling them to plan their future career needs, to maximise the benefit of their MRS membership with the opportunity to gain recognition for their career progression by upgrading MRS Certified Member Status.

The CPD programme enables individuals to show others they are professional, highly skilled and compliant in the world of research, insight, analytics and marketing sciences.


  • was launched in April 2014, in line with the new MRS Membership Grading Structure enabling members more access routes to up-grade to MRS Certified Member Status and gain recognition for their professional development and experience
  • is non-compulsory
  • requires participating members to complete a minimum of 21 hours CPD per 12 month period for it to be recognised towards upgrading membership
  • involves a process of identifying needs, carrying out activities, recording time spent and reflecting on the outcomes
  • can include both ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ activities
  • recognises non-MRS provision
  • is administered via an online planning and recording

To support CPD, MRS has developed a competency based Professional Development Framework together with a set of membership standards, which set out the knowledge, skills and attitudes required from research, insight, analytics and marketing science practitioners as they develop within their careers.

Separately MRS has 12 Benchmark Standards which set out the practitioner requirements to become an MRS Certified Member.

The BHBIA are formally recognised by the MRS CPD programme - please see our Training Course and Event information to find out the numbers of CPD hours allocated to our accredited provision.

Most of the BHBIA's events are now accredited and can be used as a pathway to log CPD hours and upgrade your MRS membership status. Our one-hour webinars, one-day workshops, foundation training and member events such as the Annual Conference are all included. 

Note: Please make sure that you keep a record of your attendance at BHBIA events - e.g. certificates from training courses and post-webinar confirmation emails from WebEx. The onus is on individual members to log the evidence of their CPD hours; this information will not be collated by the BHBIA.

Example of the MRS CPD accreditation symbol

Example of the MRS CPD accreditation symbol

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