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Company of the Year Finalists - 2018

We are pleased to announce the finalists in the 2017-18 Company of the Year Awards. The BOBI Awards Ceremony takes place on 14th May at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington

Pharma Company of the Year
sponsored by GfK

The shortlisting panel said:
This entry clearly explains the pride that the Business Intelligence & Business Operations team at Janssen take in their work. There is evidence of a deep focus on continued development for both processes and people as well as clear demonstration of involvement in projects affecting the wider business of Janssen and the healthcare industry, specifically patients.  It’s clear that the team has drive and purpose, and is proud of their contribution to the business.

The shortlisting panel said:
A dynamic team who have grown and evolved substantially over the past year.  There is a clear focus on the ‘what’, ‘how’ and more importantly ‘why’ ensuring everything they deliver is as impactful as possible.  The team at Sanofi achieved a number key projects in the past 12 months which have demonstrated tangible benefits across the business.  An entry written with passion that shows a focus on teamwork, collaboration and excellence.

Agency of the Year
sponsored by: SHC

Adelphi Research UK
The shortlisting panel said:
This entry demonstrated clear points of differentiation that were strongly supported with benefits for the end user. The judges particularly liked the pro-bono partnership work as this shows the desire to make real changes within healthcare. There was also a strong sense of education coming through with the Market Access and Innovation initiatives, for the benefit of clients.

View Adelphi's video*

CSL (CompuFile Systems Ltd)
The shortlisting panel said:
This entry demonstrated strong differentiation points around team ethos, staff motivation/loyalty and working with the NHS. The partnership between the agency and NHS came across very well. There was a clearly thought out future strategy of innovation and improvements through leveraging data and systems in more effective ways.

The shortlisting panel said:
A really strong vision of 2018 aspirations and goals. This was a very well-structured entry, with use of the two themes (‘do it better’ / ‘sharing’) to give a framework to the submission. Also, the judges particularly liked the sharing of knowledge ethos. The Innovation Challenge stood out as an example of excellence in a pro-active approach to future problem-solving.

View HRW's video*

*Note: Entrants had the option to produce a video, but these do not form part of the judging process.

Sponsor: Pharma Company of the Year

Sponsor: Pharma Company of the Year

Sponsor: Agency of the Year

Sponsor: Agency of the Year

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