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Getting your MR sample right - Speakers

Aida Tovar - M3 Global Research Chief Panel Officer

Aida has worked in healthcare market research since 2009, beginning her career at M3 as a Fieldwork Manager, establishing root understanding of the M3 Panel through qualitative and quantitative projects in Spain, LatAm and the UK.

More recently, building on her core strengths and practical know-how, Aida has developed and managed the M3 Panel Team.  She has been instrumental in leading the recruitment and engagement of healthcare professionals across Europe, North America and LatAm.

In her current role as Chief Panel officer she oversees a team of 32 and is currently focused on maximizing respondents’ engagement, panel and project recruitment, feasibility assessment, data integrity and quality assurance in compliance with and in excess of, M3’s industry-leading ISO standard certification.
Cedric Gallais - M3 Global Research Sampling Manager

For over 10 years Cedric has been immersed in Healthcare MR sampling and the day-to-day management of the processes behind. Cedric started his sampling career at Synovate, followed by Medefield, where he helped to grow and manage the panel community(s). The breadth of his sampling experience was then later extended at Sermo where he managed both panel incentives and member experience.

For the last two years Cedric has been based at M3 GR as Sampling Manager where he combines all of his prior experience in heading a team of sampling experts that specialise in deploying key community panel metrics such as response rates, completion rates, feasibility, and identification of any other needs to help ensure fieldwork sampling success. 

The webinar will also feature a guest slot with John Aitchison, First Line Research. John is co-chair of the BHBIA Response Rates Task Force and will give an insight into the group's recommendations in relation to sampling.

It will be introduced by Nick Wain, M3 Global Research and Xavier Fonder, RONIN International - who hold the roles of Fieldwork Forum Chair and Fieldwork Forum Communications Officer respectively.