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How Social Media Informs Business Intelligence Strategy

Friday 10 February 2017, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

This session is designed to help attendees understand and utilise social media in healthcare business intelligence in order to create positive results for the business as well as customers.

You will hear from experts on the topic and discover how pharmaceutical companies are innovating in this area. We will look at how social media fits into both business intelligence and marketing with an opportunity to ask questions on what is pertinent to your needs.

Learning from HCP conversation on social media can provide pharma brands with unique insights into what is important to their healthcare professional customer. Online conversation is unprompted so it allows you to hear what HCPs are really discussing with their peers and answer questions such as

"What are HCPs saying about my brands/competitors"

"How are HCPs responding to my latest engagement initiatives"

"What are the key concerns for each of my HCP customer roles?".

If you are responsible for HCP market research then this webinar will help you evaluate whether adding HCP social media insights to your market research portfolio is right for you.

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