BHBIA/EPHMRA Guidelines Competency Test Collaboration

The BHBIA and EPHMRA are committed to collaboration in the area of compliance and are working together to make the path to demonstrating competency a little smoother.

The following system is now offered for both Legal & Ethical Guidelines (EPHMRA Code of Conduct) and Adverse Event Reporting Competency Tests.

In each case:

  • EPHMRA offers a partial test, with just a small number of questions.
  • BHBIA members (or certified non-members) who are also EPHMRA members can choose to take this partial test which covers EPHMRA specific requirements and, in combination with the BHBIA's full Competency Certificate, meets EPHMRA’s full requirements.

What does this mean for members?

  • People who are members of both organisations can save time by not having to take 2 full tests - and this applies to both Legal & Ethical Guidelines and AE Reporting.
  • All BHBIA members/certified non-members take the full BHBIA tests on the BHBIA website, so everyone will receive renewal reminders for the BHBIA tests and have the option to display competency status in the BHBIA member directory.
  • The EPHMRA partial tests can then taken on the EphMRA website and these 'top up' your knowledge to meet EPHMRA's full requirements.

How do EPHMRA members apply for the free access codes to the partial tests?

Go to EPHMRA Training Online

Follow Step 1 – register if you have not already done so
Then Step 2 – fill in a booking form
The free access code is then emailed to you and you can log in.

Not a member of both Associations?

You can simply continue to take your own organisation's full tests, for both Legal & Ethical Guidelines (Code of Conduct) and AE Reporting.

What differences can BHBIA members expect when taking the EPHMRA partial tests, compared to your experience of the BHBIA tests?

  • Because they are administered via the EPHMRA website, the tests will have a slightly different look and feel; most notably you will not be given the correct answers and explanatory text after you have answered each question – so you will need to consult the training slides if you get a question wrong and aren’t sure why
  • You will need to remember to download and save your certificates on passing the tests (your certificates won’t be stored for you in the way that your BHBIA certificates are stored in the BHBIA system)
  • You won't get reminder emails for the partial tests, so the onus will be on you to keep them up to date.