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Fundamentals of Sales Incentive Compensation


Course fees: Members: £75+VAT / Non-members: £125+VAT 

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​An introduction to Sales Incentive Compensation - the system of rewarding employees for measured performance that is aligned with company goals, with a particular focus on the sales analyst's role and the issues pertinent to the healthcare arena.

It is likely to be particularly suitable for:

  •  - Those new into pharma / healthcare sales analytics roles who may encounter this topic as part of their role in the future;
  •  - Anyone in a healthcare BI / analytics role who needs a top line understanding of the topic because they (or their clients) may occasionally be involved in it, although it may not be a main part of their role;
  •  - BI people / market researchers who aren’t directly involved in this topic but need a top line understanding in order to have informed discussions with colleagues / clients or perhaps to commission or conduct MR related to this area; 

We will cover the following topics:

Sales Incentive Compensation Overview

Sales Incentive Compensation Framework 

- Pay Levels & Pay Mix

- Plan Design

- Plan Period and Additional Elements

 Sales Incentive Compensation Administration & Assessment

In a final summary session we cover specific considerations for healthcare and some top tips to guide you when creating your sales incentive compensation plan.

At the end of the training, there’s a short test to consolidate what you’ll have learnt - and you will be able to download a certificate of learning

You have unlimited time to complete the training, so please make sure you get maximum benefit by studying the course material thoroughly and taking note of any key points. Once you have passed the test you will no longer have access.

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