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From Molecule to Market: the journey of drug development


Course fees: Members: £75+VAT / Non-members: £125+VAT 

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Drug selection and development is a long and expensive process during which many of the potential candidates will be lost along the way.  But each drug must pass a number of steps which are vital to ensuring it is effective and safe for purpose.  This online training module, from the BHBIA, takes the learner through the drug development stages from target identification to approval.

For the Business Insights professional there may be little exposure to what the pre-launch scientists are working on.  This course is designed to give an overview of their work so that those working in BI

  • - Are aware of the stages the drug they are researching has been through
  • - Have knowledge of what other members of their industry may be working on
  • - Understand the language and terminology of drug development process which is part of the language of their industry

This course is aimed at those new to the industry who do not have a biomedical background.  Whether you work in the pharmaceutical industry or an agency, every drug for which you conduct research or which you analyse, will have been through this process.  Completing this module will give you solid background knowledge of how that drug got to where it is now.

This course is particularly suitable for:

  • - New starters in healthcare business intelligence, analytics or market research roles who need a top line understanding of the drug development process to help provide context to their work, especially if they aren’t already familiar with these topics from academic study or previous job roles, so that they can have informed discussions with colleagues and client
  • - Those moving into healthcare from other industries, who need to get up to speed with the specifics of the pharmaceutical product development process

At the end of the training, there’s a short test to consolidate what you’ll have learnt - and you will be able to download a certificate of learning

You have unlimited time to complete the training, so please make sure you get maximum benefit by studying the course material thoroughly and taking note of any key points. Once you have passed the test you will no longer have access.

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