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Agile for Business Information/Market Research - course review

March 30th, 2021

This sell-out workshop held on 25 March was aimed at people interested in using agile principles and methods to improve outcomes of Business Information and Market Research projects.

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Through a team exercise, attendees had the chance to explore the principles and values of Agile and the 'SCRUM' methodology in an intense learning experience. It was great to see such good engagement from the delegates throughout the day. They were enthusiastic to take on each task and as the day progressed we observed that their mind-set changed from being told what to do to making it happen!

Neil Osmond, CEO of Earthware Ltd., who ran the session for us, said:

'I just spent a fantastic and intense few hours with a team of BHBIA members learning all about Agile.  We started at where it came from, the four values and 12 principles, we introduced the Scrum methodology and within an hour the team (who didn’t previously know each other) were doing their first sprint designing a board game.  They quickly learned how to play to each other’s strengths and in one intense hour of work went from not having an idea to designing and planning the launch for a board game in the USA.  They used a bunch of new techniques such as planning poker, story points, Definitions of Done and MoSCoW to deliver an MVP.  We enjoyed exploring how some of these might transform their ways of working in the projects and organisations and a group of strangers finished the session as friends who had been on a journey together and created a new board game “2020WON!”

The board game that was designed using agile principles: "2020WON"

Delegate feedback

Comments from the delegates included:

"It exceeded my expectations: The interactivity and the mix between being taught and actual doing. By demonstrating the pitfalls in the first sprint was a great way to help us learn."

"Very practical exercises lead by a great facilitator who kept everyone engaged. Overall it was excellent."