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Coronavirus - research sector update from the MRS

April 7th, 2020

Promoting an ethical approach to the business of market research and data analytics in difficult times

Jane Frost, Chief Executive Officer of the Market Research Society recently wrote to MRS members and referred to ‘ethical business practices’ to help the market research and data analytics industries. 

Key points made and that she particularly asked commissioning client companies to consider included: 

Payments and procurement 
  • Prioritise payments to SMEs
  • Please pay suppliers on time. 
  • Talk to procurement departments to ensure the research supply chain is considered as they develop recovery policies. 
Raise the case for MR 
  • Keep reminding stakeholders of the value of research, so awareness remains consistent. 
  • Encourage more research commissioning during this time as in a Covid-19 society now more than ever research is needed to deliver the evidence and insight to understand the complex and wide-ranging impact of the pandemic. 
  • Use this time to train staff, remember there are an increasing number of online modules.