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BHBIA establishes the Fieldwork Committee

July 13th, 2023

Some years ago the BHBIA set up the Fieldwork Forum as a special interest sub-group within the membership.  The aim of the forum was to provide a vehicle via which members could get together to discuss healthcare business intelligence and issues which specifically affect the execution of fieldwork.

Over time the Fieldwork Forum has grown and attendance at Forum meetings is testament to the importance of this topic in the healthcare business intelligence sector.

The Fieldwork Forum represented the first step the BHBIA made to give this section of the membership an official voice within the organisation by delivering an open platform where people could discuss topics of mutual interest. 

The Fieldwork Forum has delivered projects which have moved the discipline forward.  Members of the Fieldwork Forum have participated in a number of fieldwork related projects which have contributed to the well-respected resource bank of guidelines that the BHBIA makes available not only to its membership but to the healthcare BI sector in general. 

The BHBIA Board is keen to support more projects which lead the thinking regarding what makes good fieldwork practice in healthcare BI.  To do that the group needs to have clear focus and direction which is not always practical to achieve via a forum approach.  In order to achieve their objective of supporting more fieldwork related projects the Board feel it is time to establish a Fieldwork Committee which will pick up some of the tasks the Fieldwork Forum has been working on and which will further raise the profile of the fieldwork within the BHBIA.

Through the work of the Fieldwork Committee the BHBIA will continue to affirm the importance of fieldwork in healthcare business intelligence and the Association’s dedication to supporting high standards in this area.

We are delighted to announce the Fieldwork Committee will be led by Clare Hopkins of Just Worldwide in the role of chair.  We are now in the process of filling the other places to make up a committee of around eight members and are opening this to the whole BHBIA membership. Also you do not have to work in a fieldwork company, we are keen in include input from all sectors of the membership.

Would you like to join the BHBIA Fieldwork Committee? 

For this group we are looking for people who have a willingness to be proactive, get fully involved, attend meetings and to contribute some time outside of meetings to take on specific actions.  It is not important to have a particular level of experience or seniority.

To register your interest in joining the BHBIA Fieldwork Committee please contact us via the website in the first instance.