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Giving Analytics "Teeth" - launch of new online 'Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Data Analysts' training

October 31st, 2020

The BHBIA is delighted to announce the launch of our NEW online training programme: Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Data Analysts.

Data analysts can now take a specially tailored training programme, providing a good basic understanding of the legal and ethical requirements for analysts. The training covers covering analytical work in the SFE, Customer and Insights areas.

On completion you can take a short test and obtain competency certification, which is updated annually, bringing analytics in line with market research.

To learn more about why we've introduced the training and how you and your team can benefit, tune into the recording of our 'bite-sized' Giving Analytics "Teeth" webinar, held on 30 October, led by Jason Bryant, Analytics Team Lead on the BHBIA Ethics & Compliance Committee. It's less than 20 minutes long, including Q&A.

The training is freely available to all BHBIA members and certified non-members in the Online Training section of the website.

We would like to thank the Ethics & Compliance Committee, in particular the data analytics team, for putting this training together.