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Guidelines in Action - review of the BHBIA's recent training workshop

October 27th, 2022

This workshop, held on 13th October, aimed to help delegates understand understand the practical application of the BHBIA Guidelines to their market research projects. 

We were delighted to be able to return to a face-to-face format, which meant we could run a full day session and give delegates a chance to really immerse themselves in the content and take part fully in the discussions.

Once again, the course was led by Ethics & Compliance Committee members: Alison Carr - Hamell, Rebecca D'Ippolito - Sermo and Claudia Wing - Janssen. In 2020 this team won The Julie Stacey Award based on delegate feedback from the workshop and their winning formula consistently attracts great feedback from our delegates.

The training exercises are based on a fictitious case study that draws on real-life examples - for example reviewing a request for proposal and identifying key compliance considerations and missing information. 

Delegates need to consult both the:

The practical work helps everyone to become familiar with where to find key information in these key documents, and, importantly, how to apply it, even in some of the less obvious scenarios or 'grey' areas. 

It was great to see delegates consulting their electronic copies of the Guidelines during the exercises, and using “find” functions to search for the relevant guidance before discussing it in their groups.

The conveners commented on how much they enjoyed the day, and how the knowledgeable group of delegates made the discussions all the more interesting.

Delegate feedback

The course feedback was very positive once again; comments from the delegates included: 

"Good discussion around practical examples. Understanding all the resources available"

"Incredibly helpful in exploring the difference areas of legal and ethical (compliance)… The chance to see how others might approach their challenges"

"Answered all my questions and provided food for thought and considerations for the future"

"Very knowledgeable presenters. Gave me the in-depth knowledge to become the ‘go to’ person for market research compliance in my team"