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Health Equity and Understanding the True Patient Population - Origins Health Insights

June 15th, 2021

Sponsored session - as presented at the bhbia2021 virtual Annual Conference in May 2021

In this video, Su Smith and Sheetal Padania of Origins Health Insights discuss health equity and accessing the true patient population. Origins aim to connect clients with the authentic patient experience, in order to refine their success.

Health equity means equal access to healthcare for all - not just from a logistical point of view - but an equal right to the understanding about health and treatments. This means understanding the true patient population that's representative of society and those who will benefit from a product, not just those who are most likely to come forward for market research. Additionally, organisations such as NICE are increasingly pushing for patient experience data that is representative.

The team describe how their recruitment and research techniques are designed to access the true patient population and fully understand their experiences. An example is their signature video ethnography programme 'Live' - and footage is shared from their PoTS LIVE project. This work, which demonstrated how Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS), a chronic, multi-system disorder, impacts quality of life, went on to win the 2021 BOBI Award for Best Patient-Centric Approach.

We are very grateful to Origins for their support with this year's Conference.

  • The sponsored sessions give agencies a platform to showcase their innovations, in return for a financial contribution to the costs of running the event. It allows us to offer an alternative to the traditional Agency Fair, adapted for the virtual setting.
Origins Health Insights

Origins Insights believes that a key step towards achieving health equity is to ensure we give everyone an equal opportunity to understand and effectively engage in conversations and decisions about their health. This involves understanding and improving the language used to communicate and identifying the true patient population. The true patient population is one that is most representative of those experiencing a condition, and not the population that happens to be easiest to access.

Our goal is to identify and embed transformational patient insights as a fundamental part of the drug development process. As a pioneering health insights agency, our purpose is to provide actionable, patient-focused intelligence that gives our clients the competitive edge. 

We use inclusive, immersive research methodologies that reveal the authentic patient experience. Our flagship digital ethnography programmes have given a voice to hundreds of patients worldwide, informing clinical trial protocols and development programmes as well as patient support programmes and educational initiatives. 

The Origins team is a dedicated, passionate group of people whose varied backgrounds give our programmes the individuality and personal touches they deserve.