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Hysterical Health - Winning BHBIA Conference Paper

July 5th, 2023

Lucy Neiland, Health Anthropologist and Helen Bennis, Senior Director – Ipsos  

Winners of Keith Munro Award for Best Conference Paper - bhbia2023 Annual Conference June 2023

I think sometimes perhaps myself and definitely colleagues would be more likely to believe a man if they said they had pain … in general, people are more reluctant to believe women when they say they have got pain
General surgeon, female 

 Whilst women in the UK have a longer life expectancy than men, they spend comparatively more of their lives in poor health. We can see how historical perspectives on women’s bodies have set the stage for some of the deep-seated cultural assumptions we see today. This paper "Hysterical Health: Unpicking the cultural beliefs that shape women's healthcare" explores how culturally-embedded beliefs about gender influence healthcare professionals’ behaviours and what needs to change to potentially level the playing field.

See links below to video and paper from Lucy Neiland and Helen Bennis about their winning paper