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Leveraging your Digital Opinion Leaders to Dramatically Increase Awareness and Drive Meaningful Action - Winning BHBIA Conference Paper

July 11th, 2022

Anni Neumann, Associate Director of Health Strategy – and Katz Kiely, Founder – Frontline.Live 

Winners of Keith Munro Award for Best Conference Paper - bhbia2022 Annual Conference May 2022

In March 2020, when PPE ran short, 35,000 HCPs descended on Twitter crying for help. Frontline.Live’s volunteers built an open source, decentralised, rapid-response platform to keep them safe, but the challenge was how to spread the word. This case study, which won the BOBI Chair’s Award for Best Response to COVID-19, highlighted how insights into healthcare professionals real-time needs and an understanding of influential online stakeholders was able to cut through the noise and help the charity focus their communications, resulting in 500,000 pieces of PPE being delivered to those who needed it the most.

Download an article written by Anni Neumann and Katz Kiely about their winning paper