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Brexit - latest guidance - UK Data Protection Adequacy Confirmed

June 30th, 2021

Latest Update - June 2021: UK Data Protection Adequacy Confirmed

The UK’s data protection regime has now been formally deemed ‘adequate’ by the European Commission.  An adequacy decision allows organisations that transfer personal data from the EU (and the European Economic Area (EEA)) to the UK, to continue to do so; there is no need for alternative transfer mechanisms (such as standard contractual clauses (SCCs)) to be put in place.  

The BHBIA’s Ethics & Compliance Committee have prepared a new guide: 'Data Protection Update: Data Adequacy & Data Transfers Overseas' which summarises the impact of the adequacy decision for you.  We have also updated other privacy / data protection guides to ensure they are all up to date, and you can find them in the Privacy & Data Protection section of the website.

Click here to download the new and updated guides

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Other Brexit Issues

It is important to remember that organisations still need to address other Brexit issues, including privacy notice updates and the appointment of an EU representative where necessary.  Please see the detail below for more information on these issues. 

The BHBIA's guidance for members
  • See our 'Data Protection Update – Brexit Implications' and 'Brexit Implications - Nominating a Representative'  guides, under 'Guidance Notes' in the Privacy and Data Protection section of the website. These have both now been updated with the latest (June 2021) information.
  • You can also tune into the recording of our 'Brexit and Data Protection Implications' webinarheld on 13 November 2020, to hear the guidance clearly explained by members of the Ethics & Compliance Committee.

The BHBIA’s Ethics & Compliance Committee is providing this guidance as general information for its members. It is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Specific legal advice should be taken in relation to any specific legal problems or matters. Whilst every reasonable effort is made to ensure the information is accurate, no responsibility for its accuracy or for any consequences of relying on it is assumed by the BHBIA.