Please read carefully - you may be penalised if you don't follow these specifications
  • Please use Microsoft PowerPoint and protect your file to prevent any further editing (See note below*) 
  • Feel free to be creative in your slide design, but please do not use a branded template or include any company logos – to avoid biasing the judging process. We realise that your submission may refer to therapy area(s), product and company names – we do not expect you to completely anonymise it. It's just that we want the judges to focus on the content of the submission, not who has submitted it, and heavy branding could detract from that. 
  • Likewise, please photographs or contact details of individuals, or any names of the main entrants. You may wish to include attributed quotes from stakeholders, but please note that you cannot quote by name anyone who is listed as a Main Entrant, though you may quote someone who is listed as a Supporting Team member (e.g. a member of the marketing team who has had only a peripheral role in delivering the project, but will utilise the outputs).
  • Maximum submission length: 12 slides, including the two mandatory slides (see below) 
Mandatory slides: 
  • Executive Summary – one slide – 100 words maximum (approximately 500-600 characters, including spaces) - this text should be pasted into the on-line entry form as well 
  • Winner’s statement – one slide - suitable to be read out if your submission is the winning entry – 40 words maximum. Make it impactful: How would you like your entry to be summarised? What made it great? What changes did you engender? 

Content from these two slides will be used in publicity if your entry wins or is highly commended, so please ensure that their content is appropriate for publication and do not include any confidential/sensitive details. 

Technical details: 
  • You may include animation and/or video in your submission, but the total overall run time of these elements cannot exceed 5 minutes. (If possible, please avoid featuring the entrants themselves in the video - it is preferable to use animation, or film of other people - e.g. brand or senior management video testimonials)
  • If you include video this should be in the form of a link to a private, public or video hosting site. Your video link must be in the main body of one or your slides (do not put it on the entry form or send it in separately, or it may get missed at the judging stage). Please make it clear on the slide that the link relates to a video, and if a password is required, be sure to include this on the slide too. Do not embed video as this may make your submission too large to upload
  • Other than the video link(s) as specified above, no other links to external sites will be followed, so please don’t include them (you can cite references for information, but any text that you want the judges to read must be part of your submission)
  • The judges will only review content in the main body of the slides; any text in the notes sections will not be read, and please do not include appendices (unless these are counted within the 12 slides)
  • Please do not use slide builds 
  • Maximum file size: 12MB 

*To protect a PowerPoint file: 

  • Click on the File tab and click on Info
  • Select Protect Presentation and Mark as Final 
  • Optionally, password protect the file (if you do this you will need to supply the password on your entry form - you can use the final comments box for this). 
How are entries judged? 

Each category is judged by a small panel (usually 4-5 judges) with a broad range of expertise, carefully selected to avoid any conflicts of interest. You can specify on the entry form any companies that you do not wish to view your entry and they will be excluded from the panel. In addition, judges cannot judge a category that they are sponsoring, or that any of their colleagues have entered. They also sign a confidentiality undertaking so cannot discuss the entries outside their specific panel. 

Panel members use an objective scoring grid to individually assess the entries and the group then discuss them and agree on a consensus score. 

See details of the scoring scheme